Asseco Human Capital Management


aHCM (Asseco Human Capital Management) is a comprehensive tool for testing, record keeping and developing employee competencies, as well as management training.

  • Staff – organizational structure, job descriptions, competences, assessments
  • Recruiting – management of the internal and external recruitment process
  • Performance – the ability to manage by objectives, monitoring performance
  • Learning – a training and knowledge management module
  • Collaboration – supporting the processes of communication and collaboration
  • Knowledge – a wide database of studies available 24/7
  • Career – plans and support for succession and career of staff

aHCM Staff is one of the core modules which enables i.a.:

  • development and management of job descriptions with readym (customizable) directories of tasks, qualifications, responsibilities, authorizations, competences, performance indicators,
  • reflecting and managing the company’s organizational structure,
  • collecting and sharing information about employees,
  • development management of employee assessments (supervisor’s assessment, 180, 360),
  • studying employees’ competences using competency tests,
  • carrying out any surveys and questionnaires in the organization,
  • examination of employee qualifications based on knowledge tests,
  • implementation and management of paths of development, promotion and succession of employees,
  • aHCM integration with HR systems and ERP in the organization.

aHCM Performance supports performance management processes including such key activities like management by objectives, and periodic evaluations of employees.

aHCM Performance enables:

  • comprehensive management by objectives (MBO),
  • assigning and monitoring objectives for the organizational unit/employees,
  • linking individual objectives with the overriding strategic goals,
  • delegating objectives (involvement in the program at all levels of management),
  • periodic and current evaluation of the execution of tasks,
  • evaluation of employees based on the assessment of competences and performance indicators,
  • any design of processes and assessment tools,
  • introduction of market objectives,
  • planning of development activities.

aHCM Recruiting greatly boosts the effectiveness of the recruitment process, greatly reducing its time too. It allows decision makers from the world of business to be included in a flexible way.

aHCM Recruiting enables:

  • management through a company-dedicated recruitment site,
  • development of a dedicated recruitment form,
  • ability to identify talent at an early stage of recruitment,
  • scheduling meetings and the ability to communicate with candidates using predefined messages and notifications,
  • testing candidates using competence and talent tests as well as behavorial interview method,
  • monitoring the recruitment process (stages, amount of information, results),
  • task management of managers conducting recruitment.

aHCM Learning is a perfect solution supporting organization in terms of the broadly understood worker development and knowledge management within the organization.

aHCM Learning enables:

  • comprehensive management of training processes,
  • management of the training catalog including traditional and electronic training,
  • comprehensive analysis of training needs,
  • providing a library of electronic training recommended to users,
  • building curricula consisting of different forms of education,
  • creating electronic training, educational materials, tests and surveys,
  • organizing video conferences,
  • creating virtual classes, online meetings,
  • exchange of experience in the organization through the use of video conferences, discussion groups, chat rooms, wiki, blogs,
  • monitoring activity and progress in science,
  • advanced reporting,
  • building a knowledge database of the organization,
  • using gamification mechanisms and social learning in the education process,
  • certification of employees,
  • compliance with the standards of SCORM, AICC, Common Cartridge, IMS.

aHCM Collaboration is an innovative module supporting the organization in building cooperation between employees.

aHCM Collaboration enables:

  • dissemination of information by the company and the employees themselves (company wall),
  • cooperation between employees – to exchange ideas / experiences,
  • video conferences, virtual meetings,
  • conducting discussion groups,
  • group work – e.g. on projects,
  • Social Learning,
  • exchange of documents.

aHCM Knowledge is a comprehensive solution to effectively manage knowledge resources in the organization (knowledge management).

aHCM Knowledge enables:

  • collecting a variety of knowledge resources in a systematic way (thematic catalogs, process system, etc.),
  • creation of new studies in any form (documents, multimedia, knowledge pills),
  • collecting and organizing all the knowledge resources in a systematic way,
  • management of accesses to resources, knowledge and other studies,
  • systematic dissemination of knowledge, sharing knowledge and experience from realized projects,
  • creation of social, educational thematic groups (tribal learning),
  • use of external knowledge sources and resources.

aHCM Career is an innovative system for supporting career development of employees within the organization. It is particularly useful not only for the employees themselves but also their superiors, HR departments and Boards.

aHCM Career enables:

  • management of plans for employee development,
  • creating successor lists and monitoring the development of successors,
  • monitoring employees’ potential in terms of competence and efficiency,
  • ability to identify and support the development of talent in the organization,
  • self-determination of the level of adaptation to different roles within the organization,
  • support in the preparation and implementation of own career paths / professional development, initiated by the employees themselves.

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We provide a demo version of the product:


Compliance with standards

The aHCM Learning System is compatible with the standards SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC. As a result, there are options available such as: import of any training providers, self-creation of training in tools for so-called Authoring (Articulate, Adobe Captivate), tracking user’s work with training, time spent with a lesson, points obtained, point of training completion, etc.

Flexible licensing and implementation model

By offering a platform aHCM Learning provide a flexible licensing model, depending on the needs of the organization. The Learning platform can be made available to infrastructure providers, and can be delivered and installed on the client’s infrastructure.

Modern, transparent user interface

aHCM Learning has a clear and easy-to-use user interface, accessible from anywhere via a web browser. Asseco also provides aHCM – Learning as an interface version with high contrast for visually impaired users.

Rich set of features

In addition to the feature for supporting electronic training, there are modules available for supporting additional features like: communication tools, knowledge database, surveys and tests, automatic notifications, certificates, exchange of documents, reporting, video conferences.


aHCM Learning has been translated into many languages, for instance: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian.


aHCM Learning is available on tablets.

Cost optimization – process automation

By automating simple and repetitive tasks that often generate unnecessary errors, we can focus on substantive issues and address human resources management. Automated processes supported by aHCM Staff include: automatic structuring of research in the process of interim evaluation, mass correspondence, notifications for users within the scope of communication support, reports monitoring HR processes.

Modern technologies

aHCM Staff is prepared on the basis of the latest Microsoft technologies. The system has an open interface for integration with external systems such SharePoint, support of hard HR, ERP (e.g. SAP) and directory services (e.g. Active Directory). The system supports the tested mechanisms of authentication and security (https, SSL).

Organizing HR processes

The AHCM Staff platform is a software tool that allows to manage a company or group of companies using a systematic approach. By using common categories of data and integration with all modules, it is possible to organize the HR processes in the organization.


The system is delivered as a service model, i.e. monthly/annual installment per platform user.

As part of the standard fee, ADS adjusts the layout of the ordered portal to the communication standards and the Purchaser and prepares 5 dedicated reports.

In the case of requirements of a different purchase method, please contact us.



At Affidea we implemented:

  • a corporate directory of competences for 6000 specialists;
  • competence tests for Affidea group companies located in 14 European countries;
  • aHCM platform in the cloud model (2016).

Affidea is a Dutch holding company that employs 6,000 medical professionals. The company has diagnostic centers in 14 European countries. Affidea’s activities cover the following areas: management of diagnostic centers, activities in the field of radiation oncology, as well as the recruitment and training of medical staff and the management of services in the field of teleradiology.


Asseco Poland

At Asseco Poland we have implemented:

  • the competence and training management module and periodic assessment for the 3 000 employees;
  • the recruitment management module in the HR department;
  • dedicated electronic training for the employees and clients of the company.

Asseco Poland is the largest Polish company listed on the Stock Exchange in Warsaw. In Poland, it employs 3,000 employees, has 20 offices in major Polish cities. It stands at the forefront of the international capital group Asseco; in over 54 countries worldwide it employs more than 20,000 people.


Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy

At the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy we have realized:

  • project “Tool for testing competences” (2014-2015), whose aim was to create a tool that allows all Labor Offices to diagnose professional competences of graduates and the unemployed quickly and accurately;
  • the project covered 310 Labour Offices (Provincial, County, Municipal, Regional Branches);
  • The aHCM platform is useful in particular when deciding on the choice of profession, education or paths of career development, as well as when choosing candidates for work from among the unemployed and looking for a job or continuing/finishing their education.


Tech Data

We provide the company Tech Data the aHCM platform (since 2009) in the cloud model for the purpose of:

  • personnel auditing using the competency tests carried out in 17 European countries;
  • project Succession Planning for Top Management;
  • research and recruitment of employees.

Tech Data is one of the world’s largest distributors of hardware (HP, Apple, Cisco, Microsoft). It employs more than 9,000 employees in more than 100 countries. Tech Data is currently 108th on the Fortune 500® list.


National Chamber of Commerce

We have provided the National Chamber of Commerce with:

  • the cloud model of the aHCM platform;
  • electronic training package for 100,000 users.

The National Chamber of Commerce is the largest independent business organization in Poland. It was founded in 1990. It represents the largest number of entrepreneurs, combining more than 150 business organizations, including more than 300,000 companies.


Gaspol S.A.

We have provided Gaspol with the aHCM platform (2011):

  • in the scope of competence management, periodic assessment, the recruitment process and training management for 433 employees;
  • this platform has been integrated with MS SharePoint, Ad service, MS Dynamics and Teta.

Gaspol S.A. is a company that provides energy, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, electricity and renewable energy. The company employs over 400 people. It is a worldwide distribution network covering 300 authorized dealers and 20,000 retail outlets. In 2015, GASPOL was 283rd in the ranking of the largest companies in Poland.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

For the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2011):

  • we developed the ZZL program based on the Human Performance Improvement model;
  • we conducted competence tests in offices worldwide;
  • the project made it possible to identify the key barriers in the development effectiveness of employees from the perspective of the most important areas of functioning of the Ministry and diplomatic missions abroad.



For the company MetLife (since 2009) we provide:

  • aHCM platform in the cloud model;
  • electronic training for employees.

MetLife has been operating in Poland since 1990, offering a full range of financial products and services available. In Poland, the company employs more than 10,000 people, and worldwide it has more than 69,000 employees. Metlife has 5.6 million clients in Poland.


Urząd Zamówień Publicznych (Public Procurement Office)

For the Public Procurement Office we launched:

  • an educational portal for 50,000 users;
  • we provided electronic training;
  • we hosted and administrated the aHCM platform.