Asseco Data Systems the organizer of the conference “Safe Hospital – Safe Patient” (13-14 June 2016)

Asseco Data Systems the organizer of the conference “Safe Hospital – Safe Patient” (13-14 June 2016)

Asseco Data Systems is the organizer of the conference “Safe Hospital – Safe Patient”, which will be held on 13-14 June in Rawa Mazowiecka in Ossa Congress & SPA Hotel. Such a big interest in the first edition of the conference pleasantly surprised us from the participants, which encouraged us to implement next. The conference aims to bring you closer to the issues relating to the protection of medical data collected and to show the consequences of the failure to apply appropriate safeguards. The solutions of Asseco Poland S.A. and partners: Carestream, Fortinet, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Kodak, NEC, Oracle, Veracomp, Xerrex will be presented at the conference.

During the event, participants will additionally learn about ICT solutions in the following fields: the distribution of audio-video signal in operating rooms, the infrastructure of PACS, mobile patient records and rapidly developing telemedicine. The introduction of full electronic medical records is a challenge for every medical facility. During this process, it is crucial to ensure the security of access to sensitive medical data.

To participate in the conference we invited people responsible for making key decisions regarding the functioning of public, non-public and private medical institutions, local and regional representatives of the founding bodies, representatives of the Departments of Health in Marshall Offices and heads of IT departments of medical institutions.

Detailed topics of the conference:

  • Asseco Data Systems – a new quality on the market – presentation by ADS;
  • The regulatory basis concerning the needs for protecting medical data. Threats and observed security incidents relating to medical data. A comprehensive approach to the protection of medical data (Asseco Poland S.A.);
  • Secure data in a secure hospital – managing and archiving data in the modern hospital (HPE Polska);
  • Mobile patient, mobile doctor, mobile hospital – myth or reality? (HPE Polska);
  • Managing the audio-video signal on operating blocks for registration, video-consultation and education. Mobile patient’s record on medical tablets (Veracomp);
  • New quality display of NEC MD (NEC);
  • Protection of Internet connection and securing the flow of data between network segments based on Fortinet solutions (Fortinet);
  • Security of medical data. Do I feel safe? (Oracle);
  • Methods for digitization of documents that require a signature and supplied by the patient (Kodak, Xerrex);
  • Systems of archiving and distribution of PACS images – not only for radiology (Carestream);


More information and registration for the conference is available on the website dedicated to the event: