Asseco has implemented a digital contract signing process at Echo Investment

Asseco has implemented a digital contract signing process at Echo Investment

An online meeting with a customer advisor, a walk around the investment mapped in virtual reality, selection of an apartment, negotiation of the contract for reservation of premises in the CRM system and finally – remote signing of the contract for reservation of premises. Out of concern for the safety and comfort of customers, Echo Investment, in cooperation with Asseco Data Systems and Samsung Electronics Poland, has introduced digital contracts for reservation of premises signed on a mobile device.

The contract for reservation of premises is the first formal step to purchase an apartment from the developer. Until now, it required a physical meeting of both parties to the transaction. Thanks to biometrics technology and the convenience of mobile devices, at Echo Investment such contracts will be signed without the need to meet physically with a representative and sign a paper contract.  The system using biometrics technology and ubiquitous mobile devices allowed for full electronization of this process.

“It is a simple and secure system that saves time, simplifies paperwork and, especially nowadays, makes transactions easier. The details of the contract are agreed at remote meetings between the advisor and the client. Then the advisor places a biometric signature in a designated place with the use of Signatus application, i.e. signs the document using, for example, an electronic pen on the screen. Such a solution was well received by our customers: several of them used this tool already on the first day of its operation” – said Dawid Wrona, Sales Director in Echo Investment’s housing department.

In the process of mobile reservation of premises, a handwritten signature on documents has been replaced with an electronically recorded signature, which is placed by an Echo representative on a smartphone or a tablet. The electronic seal issued by Asseco confirms that Echo Investment is a party to the contract. The customer agrees to the terms of the contract by making a reservation fee.

 “The service uses the technology of qualified and biometric electronic signature. Signing documents directly on a smartphone is possible thanks to a special application, which enables placement of both handwritten biometric e-signature and qualified e-signature. The process is additionally secured with a qualified electronic seal. Thanks to this, the purchaser receives a document that is legally effective – said Artur Miękina, Key Projects Sales Director at the Security and Trust Services Division at Asseco Data Systems.

The application is based on a dedicated CRM system.

“The process is based on a dedicated CRM system, which is operated using mobile devices. The provision of services is ensured by the integration of biometric solutions into the trust service environment, providing a modern way of protecting and preserving the integrity of the information processed” – said Tomasz Chomicki, Business Development Director at Samsung Electronics Poland.

Remote contracts for reservation of premises are another stage of digitization of the property purchase process introduced by Echo Investment. In 2019, the developer was the first on the market to implement mobile apartment acceptance, and plans further processes.