Asseco will create a comprehensive IT system for the city of Oleśnica

Asseco will create a comprehensive IT system for the city of Oleśnica

Asseco will implement an integrated IT system in the Oleśnica City Hall covering all its subordinate units. The project will improve city management and allow for the implementation of e-services for residents.

The comprehensive IT project provides for the implementation of a compatible and integrated IT system for the City Hall and Budget Units, together with functionality enabling customers to access selected information stored in the City Hall’s database, the structure of which will implement the cooperation of the Electronic Circulation of Documents with domain-specific systems and the integration of domain-specific systems among themselves.

Data previously scattered in different systems supporting individual city units will be migrated to a new, centralized system. This will allow the creation of the city’s website – a digital platform of e-services for local administration. It could be used to deal with various official matters, as well as to gain remote access to information gathered in the City Hall’s database and check, for example, the status of one’s obligations or the status of the matters being dealt with.

“Oleśnica is another point on the map of Poland where we implement a comprehensive city management system. This confirms the correctness of the Asseco’s strategy for computerization of local self-governments by creating a comprehensive system covering all areas of self-government unit management. This unique approach is possible thanks to the scale and potential of the company and the complexity of the solutions we offer” – said Jarosław Jastrzębski, Vice-President of Asseco Data Systems.

The project includes delivery of the City Management IT System, data migration, solution integration and will be implemented until 2021, its value is over PLN 3 million.