Common courts open up to digitization with Asseco

Common courts open up to digitization with Asseco

Asseco, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, has started the implementation of the “SWS – Skuteczny Wymiar Sprawiedliwości” (“Effective Justice”) project. Under the program, the employees of common courts – administrative, appellate and district courts – will be trained in the use of e-services in the justice system.


As part of the competition announced by the Ministry of Justice and won by Asseco Data Systems, the company will conduct training for 1,680 employees of common courts. The training courses have been profiled for two target groups: adjudicators and administrative employees who, due to the nature of their work, perform or will perform their duties with the use of electronic documents or electronic communication tools (including e-services of the justice system). Within the project Asseco will also develop and disseminate e-learning materials covering the aforementioned issues.

Thanks to the training, the employees of common courts will broaden their knowledge, learn methods and tools for digital authentication of electronic communication, in the context of applicable legal regulations and existing justice solutions under which public e-services (e.g. ESP boxes for ePUAP) are provided.

Entrusting us with the implementation of this project is the result of the Ministry of Justice’s high evaluation of our idea to carry out training courses for the judiciary. It is an interesting challenge for us in terms of content and didactics, as well as an opportunity to strengthen the recognition of the Asseco brand in the central administration sector. What is important is that the project has a nationwide reach – practically all common courts will be able to take advantage of our offer – said Krzysztof Smyk, Director of the Project Implementation Department of the Asseco Academy.

The training project for the Ministry of Justice includes creating
and conducting two-day theoretical and workshop training courses, as well as preparing and providing e-learning materials. The total gross value of the project is PLN 2.9 million.