E-signature from Asseco will improve procedures at KRUK

E-signature from Asseco will improve procedures at KRUK

KRUK S.A. is the first Polish debt service company to implement a solution based on a qualified electronic signature in its internal processes. Communication with customers through the Internet platform will enable the execution of agreements without the need to sign them in paper form.

The most important stage in the process of debt service is to establish individual terms and conditions of its repayment. The agreement signed by both parties makes it binding. With a view to simplifying and speeding up this process, KRUK S.A. has made the e-kruk.pl Internet platform available to its customers, which allows them to sign agreements remotely.    

With the use of the platform, the customer sets the terms of the agreement themselves, such as the amount of the installment and the repayment date. They then receive a proposal for the content of the settlement, which includes details of management of their debts. Remotely, using an SMS code, they approve the debt repayment terms of their choice. The content of the agreement is then electronically signed by a KRUK employee.A qualified electronic signature provided by Asseco Data Systems enables the agreement to be signed remotely in a binding manner.

“When implementing the e-signature, we were mainly concerned about the convenience of our customers, which is greatly influenced by the waiting time from setting the terms to signing the documents and starting repaying the debt. Today the whole process takes no more than 5 minutes. If we compare this time with the time of waiting for a traditional letter, the difference is impressive” – said Marta Adamczak, Head of the e-Commerce Department at KRUK S.A.

“The financial industry is one example where a qualified signature can be used on a large scale. This streamlines internal processes, especially in companies supporting a large number of customers and reduces the costs associated with paperwork” – said Artur Miękina, Project Sales Director at Asseco Data Systems.