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For over 25 years we have been supporting workers in constructing their professional careers and our clients’ organizations in increasing their efficiency. We provide both trainings, as well as other development services, including those designed specially for a given client. We utilize the unique possibility of combining the experience gained within the implementation projects carried out in the Asseco Capital Group with the training potential. Furthermore, we provide our potential in the form of experience, tried and tested processes and procedures, qualified operational staff and IT systems, providing our clients with services in the Learning Business Process Outsourcing model. Our clients can also count on professional support in the process of obtaining external funding for training activities, and our full engagement at the stage of project realization and settlement of the obtained grants.

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We offer services in the following areas:

– In our offer, we have trainings covering the scope of i.a. IT solutions, business applications, project and service management, management and leadership, and trainings developing business skills.


IT Solutions| • Microsoft • Cisco • Oracle • Vmware, Linux…

In terms of IT solutions, we offer authorized trainings and proprietary workshops. Utilizing experience from implementation projects, within which we create, develop and maintain IT systems, we build networks, provide IT infrastructure, and we manage data centers – we can develop skills that can actually be used in everyday work.


Business applications | Microsoft Office • Adobe • Autodesk • OpenOffice • GoogleDocs • Prezi…

We teach not only the functionality of given software, but first and foremost – the methods for reaching a specific goal. The demonstrations conducted by coaches and the exercises performed by the participants of the trainings are based on real life scenarios.  Thanks to this we increase the workers’ efficiency in their everyday professional life.


ITIL and service management | ITIL® • DevOps • Agile Service Management • Lean IT • HDI® • BRM…

Every day, we successfully develop, deliver, support and manage IT and digital services for our clients around the world. We operate in accordance with best practices and standards such as ITIL, DevOps, Agile Service Management and Lean. We know these standards, practice them on a daily basis and teach others how to apply them.


Management of projects and programs | Prince2® • AgilePM® • Scrum • MSP® • M_o_R®…

We know how to manage projects to maximize the probability of a successful outcome. Through accredited trainings and proprietary workshops we efficiently prepare project teams not only for the demanding role of managers or members of project teams, but also for certification exams.


Business skills |Leadership and management  • Personal efficiency • Sales • Professional HR…

By employing over 20 000 people in 54 countries all around the world within the Asseco group, we have the best knowledge of which business skills are really useful in everyday work.

Utilizing the achievements amassed since the year 2000 by the ProFirma company, we focus on shaping behaviors, which is a basis for high efficiency of the participants of our trainings.


ITIL®, Prince2®, MSP®, MoV®, M_o_R® are registered trademarks of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

AgilePM® is a registered trademark of Agile Business Consortium Limited. All rights reserved.

The modern business environment is highly complicated and it is subject to constant transformations. Obtaining maximum efficiency of the organization often requires dedicated measures developing the competences of workers carrying out specific business processes, supported by various IT tools. We are experts in designing and implementation of dedicated development measures, including trainings. Based on 25 years of experience, we provide our clients with comprehensive solutions, starting from determining the needs in terms of worker competences, through preparation of trainings that would satisfy them, and ending with professional implementation, utilizing various technologies.


The custom designed trainings we provide are:

  • prepared in accordance with the requirements and needs of the client,
  • prepared by experienced analysts and designers based on a methodology that has been improved for years,
  • filled with study cases presenting real life situations and events,
  • aimed at increasing the efficiency of the workers participating in the trainings,
  • conducted by complete coaches, prepared to implement trainings within a project, and each time accepted by the client,
  • adapted to the needs of a given group of people, i.a. through the provision of tools for measuring knowledge and skill levels,
  • covered by evaluation, as a result of which our clients receive reports containing reliable feedback and an assessment of the measures carried out.

Our extensive experience gained through educational undertakings of a vast scale became the foundation for shaping an efficient and effective organization, consisting of human resources, processes, as well as IT solutions supporting activities aimed at developing worker’s competences. Our organization is prepared to provide outsourcing services regarding training processes ( Learning Business Process Outsourcing) also to external clients. The processes cover i.a. the creation of schedules for development measures, including the availability of resources necessary for the implementation of the above tasks, management of the catalog of coaches and external providers, acceptance and handling of participant registration, gathering and processing of documents from the process of implementation of development measures or settlement of coaches and external providers.


Areas of the training processes outsourcing offered by us:

  • technology and infrastructure: • training management system • web trainings environment • environment for cooperation and exchange of experience • labs and mock-ups • systems of assessment and evaluation of development measures;


  • administration and operational measures: • registration of participants of the trainings • services involving the selection of development measures • managing the affairs reported by the participants • scheduling trainings • reservations of resources • consolidation of applications for registration • evaluation • document processing • reporting • printing and provision of training materials • service providers management: market analysis, contracting, settlement, quality control;


  • designing the substantial content: • designing development programs • production of the substantial content of the educational materials • conversion of traditional trainings to the e-learning formula • management of development programs / services • management of substantial materials from various providers;


  • other operations: • analysis of the workers’ developmental needs • management of development and training projects • examining the workers’ performance.

We offer comprehensive support in terms of obtaining funds for training measures in Asseco Data Systems for micro, small, medium and large enterprises. As a part of the service, we provide:

  • selection of an optimal solution, tailored o the client’s needs – we prepare an analysis of the possible sources of financing of training measures from state and EU funds, and we provide advice on which solution is the most favorable;
  • preparation of the necessary documentation associated with obtaining the funds – we provide information on any formalities associated with applying for external financing and we prepare the required documentation;
  • formal and organizational support – we provide advice both at the stage of applying for funds, during the implementation of development measures and settlement of the obtained funding.


Areas of the training processes outsourcing offered by us:

  • We have many years worth of experience in obtaining funds, conduct and settlement of projects in terms of development of workers’ competences, co-financed from external funds. In our portfolio, there are several hundreds of projects with a total worth of over PLN 400 million;


  • We are trustworthy. We have participated in the implementation of training and consulting projects for over a thousand companies – small, medium, as well as large enterprises, i.a.: Asseco Poland S.A., Aiton Caldwell S.A., Bank BPH S.A., Centrum Informatyki ZETO S.A., Flextronics International Poland sp. z o.o., Gerdins Cable Systems sp. z o.o., Interfood Polska sp. z o.o., International Paper Kwidzyn sp. z o.o., Multimedia Interactive sp. z o.o, Poczta Polska S.A., PZU S.A., Śliwa Plastic Injection Moulding sp. z o.o., Telkom Telmor sp. z o.o.;


  • People are our strength. We have a dedicated EU Funds Department, hiring a team with 10 years of experience in obtaining and implementation of training and consulting projects, co-financed from state and EU funds. It is firmed by passionate people, who do not fear new challenges;


  • We approach every client individually, thus we are able to adjust the scope of our comprehensive services to your needs;


  • We value our Clients’ time. Thanks to our skills, tried and tested procedures, support of IT solutions and an a fondness for constant self improvement, we operate efficiently and effectively.



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