Description of the Area

We offer complex solutions in terms of designing and maintenance of IT services based on safe resources in the Data Center. We are characterized by many years of experience, 3 totally independent geographical locations and a high standard of technical and organizational solutions. The universal and elastic infrastructure of the Data Center, the applied technologies and the highly qualified and experienced staff allow for provision of services and implementation of various ICT projects, i.a. cloud computing, backup and archiving of data in the SaaS model, modern dedicated servers, lease of IT infrastructure and collocation of servers tailored to individual client requirements. The Data Center provides services for many public institutions and the
General Certification Authority, holding the WebTrustSM/TM certificate, which is a standard in the broadly understood information safety on the Internet, recognized globally.

Contact details

+48 91 425 74 44

We offer the following solutions:

UniCloud – it is the first Platform as a Service (PaaS) class cloud offered by a Polish data center and at the same time the first service based 100% on fast SSD drives. It was designed from the ground up so that it is as simple to use as possible, it reduces software development time and it increases the performance of every application written in: Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.js and Docker.






Corporate cloud – a solution allowing to maintain critical resources and client data inside the flexible resources of a DSC (Data Security Center) cluster, with the observance of highest security standard and high availability of the platform based on VMware High Availability.

Infrastructure outsourcing – a lease service for servers, disk arrays, network devices, software and other IT resources. We design, implement and maintain a safe infrastructure adjusted to client’s needs and projects of any scale of complexity.






Dedicated servers – a service involving provision of the most modern solution on the market, offering the possibility of elastic configuration of computational power, selection of hard drive space, memory, tailored to the needs of any system.







Backup and Disaster Recovery services – they support protection of the company against the risk of data loss and reduce the negative impact of a failure. The wide range of services starts with work station backup copies, through backup copies of entire physical and virtual servers, and ends on constant replication of data from entire company environments in one or two backup centers, with the possibility of fast remote startup.






Collocation – a service involving the placement of the client’s infrastructure in one of 3 data centers in Poland. We provide a safe, guarded location, guaranteed power supply, cooling and redundant Internet connections.






Data Center in numbers


the number of modern servers


the number of server rooms available to our Clients

870 m2

the space of the Data Center


the number of independent Data Centers