FARMER is a modern and flexible system for the operation, calculation and payment of pension benefits to the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (KRUS).

The system is regularly updated and adapted to new organizational and legal requirements. ADS provides production maintenance of the system, technical support, end user support and application development.


The core of the system runs on a computer mainframe. Some of the peripheral components of the system also work on Linux.

Main software requirements:

  • Operating System: z/OS,
  • Teleprocessing system: CICSTS or equivalent,
  • Database management system: ADABAS,
  • Programming language: NATURAL , ASSEMBLER, PL/I, Java.
  • Middleware class communication software,
  • Application server for the service version.


Main hardware requirements:

  • zSeries processor,
  • Link processing speed of at least 19200 bps,
  • Terminals 3274 SNA support or PCs with terminal emulators,
  • Infrastructure for the replication of databases in real time,
  • Large volume printers.

Asseco Data Systems S.A.


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Andrzej Wierzbowski


The FARMER system significantly facilitate the activities of the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (KRUS) in the support of pension benefits.

Some of the benefits resulting from its use can include:


The FARMER system is regularly updated, currently adapted to the organizational requirements of KRUS and to the changing legal conditions.


In addition to the terminal version, in which users work from terminals like 3274, the FARMER system is available in a service version. In this version, the system provides a set of web services used by browser applications. In selected areas the system uses XML and electronic signature standards.


In connection with the latest technology for processing large amounts of data, so Mainframe computers and efficient ADABAS database engine, the system allows effective work and rapid execution of at least hundreds of thousands of queries.


As already mentioned, FARMER is a system dedicated to the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund and ADS is engaged in its production use and development.

Within the scope of the Natural, Adabas, EntireX technologies used in this system, ADS has a very high level of competence, which it is able to make available to interested parties on terms to be negotiated.


All KRUS branches in the country.