Description of the Area

We offer a modern, advanced eduPortal platform, providing support to our clients in terms of modernization of the broadly understood HR processes, covering i.a. the recruitment and selection, adaptation of new workers, motivational systems, assessment of work results, assessment and planning of development of competences. The eduPortal platform allows an organization to meet these challenges thanks to a complex approach to the processes of knowledge management and development of human capital.

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We have the following eduPortal system modules in our offer:

aHCM (Asseco Human Capital Management) – A complex tool allowing to examine, record and develop workers’ competences, consisting of the following modules:

  • Learning – a training and knowledge management module. It is a solution supporting organization in terms of the broadly understood worker development and knowledge management within the organization.
  • Competency – KPI and competences management module. The module includes: a set of 20 soft competences along with examination tools and development guidelines; a set of 56 hard competences described on observational scales; a set of 68 efficiency indicators along with the assigned efficiency measurements; a set of 400 organizational tasks, which arrange the areas of responsibility; a set of 100 professions described using tasks, activities, competences and efficiency indicators, which are adapted to the specificity of a particular organization at the implementation stage.
  • Recruiting – a recruitment process management module. Automates and refines the worker recruitment process. It allows decision makers from the world of business to be included in a flexible way. This solution can be expanded with gamification elements, which make the recruitment process significantly more attractive from the point of view of the applying candidate.

A complex tool specially intended for the teaching staff, it supports the education process both in the school and outside it.



A complex tool supporting the operation of higher education institutions, allowing for worker, student and department management, and the broadly understood didactics process.

Koliber is a Workflow Management System for management of electronic circulation of all documents in the organization as well as efficient flow of information and decisions.


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