Koliber – Process and Information Flow System Management in the Organization

A modern workflow management system will boost your competitive advantage.


As the quantities of data and documents grow each day, efficient and safe management of decision-making processes in a company becomes a big challenge for every organization. The heart of every company is an ERP system, which is a database for other company’s systems. The Koliber system offers more than simple electronic circulation of documents. It is a system designed for modern companies to manage the electronic circulation of all documents in the organization and ensure efficient flow of information and decisions, which accelerates the handling of business processes, such as: invoice settlement, purchasing processes, HR processes, project management, budgeting and many others.

The Koliber system is built in a modular way, which means that you can attach further modules or switch them off as needed. Individual system modules support all the most popular business processes of a company, including: cost invoices, sales, supplies, formal documents, controlling, product and service management, HR services, business trips, absences and many specific and individual processes that occur in various companies and institutions.

What do you need to use the Koliber?

Do you have access to the Internet? Great, that’s all you need! Koliber is available on-line, as a system accessed from a computer web browser or a mobile application.


  • The Koliber system is available through any web browser.
  • Each user is given access to it by means of a login and a password.
  • We offer this tool with a ready-made set of templates, making it easy to start working with an electronic repository of documents.
  • Every user is trained by us.

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Koliber for the business:

Higher education institutions

How to face the challenges of modern universities?

Higher education institutions carry out various types of projects, such as investment, scientific-research, didactic and other. Each of them is accompanied by a number of settlement processes, which must be completed on time and on budget. The solution is to implement a system that will handle all these university needs.

Customize the Koliber System for the needs of your higher education institution

Law firms

How to optimize work in a law firm?

In every law firm there comes a moment when the number of cases handled, performed activities, planned tasks, settlement of projects increases. In such a case control over it requires the introduction of an appropriate workflow and management system. Lawyers running sole proprietorships also need IT solutions that optimize work. Investment in technology is therefore a key priority for them in the context of the development of their law firm, increasing profits and efficiency.

Customize the Koliber System for the needs of your law firm

Multi-branch companies

How to improve management and work in a company with multiple branches in different locations?

Managing a company with many branches located in different locations is a real challenge in terms of access to up-to-date data, documents and processes. With the Koliber system, you will streamline the flow of information and accelerate many business processes. Employees from different locations have access to a single document database, e.g. invoices, needs, HR data, etc., and thus are able to work on shared data.

Customize the Koliber System for the needs of your multi-branch company

Accounting firms

How to improve the work of an accounting firm?

Managing a modern accounting firm means, above all, fast and efficient customer service. One of the key factors in the efficient customer service is an electronic access to documents, especially invoices. No invoice will ever again be lost or not recorded in the accounts. In addition, the Koliber System will help to manage other areas of the accounting firm, such as HR or finance. This system is well-suited for both small and large accounting firms.

Customize the Koliber System for the needs of your accounting firm

Key modules available in the Koliber system
  • Organizational and controlling structure
  • Dictionaries
  • Contractors – Customers and suppliers
  • Budgeting
  • Law firm
  • Cost invoices
  • E-cost invoice
  • OCR module
  • Demand
  • Absences
  • Formal documents module
  • Archive of Contracts and Powers of Attorney
  • Business travels
  • Project Files
  • CRM
  • References
  • Authorizations register
  • Own material management
  • Inventory
  • Own requests module
  • HR and employee files
  • Recovery
  • Car fleet
  • Quality manual
  • Audit book
  • Management of RODO reports


Thanks to workflow, the system automates decision-making processes in the organization in the field of business process management.


Modular structure means that you select only those you need in your organization.


Full process control reduces costs and saves time.


In order to obtain information on the Koliber System licensing, sales and implementation, please contact us at the following e-mail address: koliber@assecods.pl


Our software is used by business clients, i.e. companies, including ours (Asseco Data Systems in over a dozen locations), large banks and institutions as well as universities.