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Education Management Platform is a system for education institutions for the management of education institutions. The Education Management Platform includes applications that support i.a.: recruitment at various levels of schools (including kindergarten recruitment), Electronic School Registers, management of information about the student, attendance analysis, inventory of equipment, issuing certificates and student cards, calculation and payment of student scholarships, communication between the school and parents and between the school and authorities, the superordinate organizational management of education institutions (organizational sheet, lesson plans, enrollment plans, planning duty rosters), and many other components supporting the management of education. At the moment the system is used by 2 million students in 4,500 schools in more than 20 cities.

In addition to the wide functional scope, another benefit of the solution is building it on the basis of a three-layer technology for Web browser support. An important advantage of the System is also its centralized architecture enabling to simplify and shorten procedures for system management from a single central administration, common to all units subject to implementation. As a result, it was possible to build a stable system, complete and most importantly disproportionately cheaper to maintain as opposed to decentralized solutions.

Efficient and reliable management of global educational processes in local government units is a task that requires extensive use of data, among others, in the field of organization of education units and management of information about the student. Therefore, in order to realize the global vision, thus credible management of education processes, it seems necessary to use an integrated IT solution. This environment includes in the implementation all the structures of a commune related to the field of the education system and thus ultimately will contain all subordinate units, such as schools or institutions outside school.


The Education Management Platform is a software for demanding persons, which provides:

  • comprehensive and integrated support for the process of education management,
  • online access from any computer connected to the Internet,
  • the security of the data collected,
  • management of information about the student,
  • tracking the education path of the student,
  • printing certificates, assessment sheets, student cards, etc.,
  • preparation of school forms according to own templates,
  • integrated control and support of the execution process for the obligation of education,
  • Electronic School Register and organization of lessons,
  • contact with Parents through the system Parent-Teacher Conferences24,
  • creating lesson plans and duty rosters,
  • keeping books of substitutions,
  • control of employment,
  • creating and approving the organizational sheet,
  • management of equipment and classrooms,
  • creating SIO reports,
  • organization of external exams,
  • support of subsidiaries for employers,
  • management of scholarships.

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  • creating a single database of information about institutions and students,
  • integrated control of the obligation of education and improving the documentation of its execution,
  • the ability to track a student’s educational path,
  • obtaining accessible, current and reliable information on ongoing processes,
  • streamlining the process for granting aid of a pecuniary nature and subsidies for employers,
  • ability to use the data once introduced to achieve various purposes,
  • ability to expand the system with new features.
  • using a system compliant with the current law on education,
  • organizing work by standardizing the naming of subjects of occupations,
  • comprehensive and current information about the structure of branches and groups and teaching staff,
  • reducing the workload in creating lesson plans,
  • keeping comprehensive records of a student e.g. grades, attendance, achievements, external exam results,
  • comprehensive preparation of documentation (e.g. grade sheets, certificates, lesson plans),
  • facilitating the creation of cross-statistics and collective summaries,
  • shortening work time when preparing SIO reports,
  • reducing the amount of paper documentation,
  • improving communication between schools and parents,
  • ability to work in the system from anywhere, on any computer, at any time and for any number of users,
  • savings in operating costs and optimizing the use of school resources.
  • ability to track the child’s progress in learning and school attendance,
  • direct access to the calendar of school events,
  • ability to efficiently communicate with teachers within the system,
  • ability to submit and electronically print declarations by students of the last forms and upper secondary school graduates.

The Education Management Platform comprises the following applications:

The application supporting recruitment to nurseries ensures recruitment in continuous mode (accepting recruitment cards to the nursery all year round) while maintaining the correct sequence of recruitment cards and a list of preferred nurseries. Thanks to this, the facility is given the possibility to have current records of children admitted to nurseries together with the ability to control the number of children actually attending.

The application saves time of the parent, and through notifications via e-mail about changes to the Status of the recruitment card, the parent obtains current information about the course of the recruitment process.

The tool to support suggestions made by employees of leading institutions and bodies, and through them of the parents themselves, allows to minimize the time on the part of the company, which in turn enables further work on constant improvement, and thus the development of the system.

The application Recruitment to kindergartens makes it possible to implement the following models of recruitment:

  • to kindergarten,
  • the recruitment age groups,
  • to specific branches.

The application supporting the recruitment process to kindergartens and kindergarten branches in primary schools consists of two complementary parts: an internal one addressed to the users of the facilities and the leading authority and the public one addressed to residents – most commonly the children’s parents and other interested parties.

The application is configured according to the Client’s expectations in the areas of:

  • definition of the criteria, number of points,
  • schedule,
  • system messages,
  • additional fields of the offer created by the facility,
  • editable elements of forms and documents,
  • personal data collected and their maturity,
  • principles of recruitment of children continuing preschool education,
  • principles of recruitment of children with special educational needs,
  • principles of recruitment of children outside the commune,
  • age of children covered by recruitment,
  • scope of information contained in the public part of the system.

The application supporting the recruitment process for primary schools, junior high schools and high schools consists of two complementary parts: an internal one addressed to the users of schools and the leading authority and the public one addressed to residents – most commonly the children’s parents and other interested parties. Thanks to integration with the general population registry of the commune and definitions of school districts, two types of candidates are automatically distinguished: children from the school district and children from outside the school district.

Candidates “from the district” are accepted to the school automatically after noting the fact of confirmation by the parent in the system of the will of the child to attend the district school, while candidates “outside the district” are qualified to the school by the director based on the locally applicable criteria.

After the completion of recruitment, thanks to the manager of branches, the school director may assign children to defined branches (classes), which will start functioning from the new school year.

The application allows to update the list of children from the district, drawn up on the basis of the general population registry by adding children living in the school district, and not registered, which makes it possible to create at the recruitment stage the current list of children residing in the school district, which are subject to mandatory education.

The Organizational Sheet is an ideal solution, thanks to which we obtain:

  • control of the weekly (semester) number of hours of compulsory classes for students of individual classes,
  • control of the minimum number of hours in the given stage of education, allocated to the performance of various compulsory educational classes,
  • ability to create reports of differences of any selected organizational sheets (including annexes to the sheets),
  • ability to create any number of sheets with the status “in progress”,
  • ability to delegate individual classes to another facility, e.g. CKP,
  • control of compliance with the “Educational voucher”,
  • ability to add comments in individual panels,
  • automatic notification of the leading authority on the transfer of the sheet for approval,
  • two-step approval process of the sheet.

The application Analysis of the obligation of education is the answer to the problem of the monitoring process of the obligation of education. The application combines the elements of the general population registry, the database of school districts (school assigned to addresses in the city), the database of students and the database of parents. This allows to obtain information who does not attend school but is subject to this obligation.

Analysis of the obligation of education performs the following tasks:

  • monitoring the educational path a pupil,
  • controlling and supporting the execution process of educational obligation,
  • cooperating with the general population registry,
  • creating and validating school districts,
  • the assignment of people from the address registry to school districts,
  • automatic generation of letters to the legal guardians of children who do not comply with the obligation of education.

The application Book of Substitutions is the solution to the problem of absences of teachers and assigning their substitutes.

The application Book of Substitutions can perform the following tasks:

  • providing support for the process of allocating substitutes on certain days,
  • “suggests” the teachers with appropriate qualifications or teaching other subjects in the same department,
  • allows to generate a report of hours resulting from the substitutes for all teachers in the desired period,
  • allows to calculate the number of hours of ad hoc substitutes, overtime and additional hours.

The application Class timetable allows to quickly and easily arrange a lesson timetable for the entire school. It allows to arrange a lesson timetable manually and automatically. The second method lets you save precious time, because the maximum waiting time for a ready class timetable is only 5 minutes. An additional benefit is it being closely connected with the other modules, which shortens the work on the timetable (all the information entered, e.g. in the organizational sheet are uploaded into the class timetables).
Class timetable provides:

  • setting preferences of times for classes, teachers and classrooms,
  • determining the degree of difficulty of subjects including any time preferences,
  • setting preferences of classrooms for specific subjects (e.g. physical education in the gym).

Duty roster provides:

  • the possibility of arranging a plan manually and automatically,
  • linking classrooms with duty rooms,
  • determine the number of duties and duty time closely linked to the number of classes.

The application Organization of External Exams supports the organization of an exam after class VI, a middle school exam and vocational exam.

The application Organization of External Exams enables:

  • registration of declarations in the system,
  • searching for declarations entered,
  • creating examination groups,
  • allocation of examination rooms for the created groups,
  • creating a school examination board and supervisory and subject teams,
  • delegating teachers to supervisory and subject teams in other institutions,
  • generating the necessary examination documentation in accordance with applicable acts of educational laws,
  • generating reporting concerning complex declarations,
  • preparing schedules of written and oral examinations.

The application Student Management System provides:

  • current information on students attending public institutions,
  • cooperation with pedagogical-psychological counseling centers in the scope of teaching students,
  • monitoring the student’s educational path, including statistics on the number of graduates,
  • control of the actual status of students in institutions in terms of granting educational subsidies,
  • support for SIO Reporting,
  • the possibility of integration with the city card system.


The application provides comprehensive support for the work of secretariats, based on the entered information about students, provides possibilities of creating documents such as:

  • series correspondence documents (e.g. agreements, declarations),
  • grades sheet,
  • student’s cards,
  • school certificate.

Certificates is an intuitive tool for the preparation and printing of school certificates. They are fully online, can be operated from any computer with Internet access. Once entered, the information remains in the system and can be reused at any time. All information is automatically archived as backups. The module Certificates can be extended by Electronic School Register with access to Parent-Teacher Conferences24. Information entered into the module Certificates are protected as efficiently as electronic banking.

The application Electronic School Register is an online tool that allows to keep a log of lessons in a modern and functional form. To work with Electronic School Register you only need a computer with Internet access.

Benefits for the school director:

  • management of substitutes,
  • defining categories of grades,
  • determining the maximum number of tests,
  • defining the duration of lessons and breaks,
  • defining weekly timetables for inter-branch and inter-school groups.


Benefits for the teacher:

  • access at any time from any computer connected to the Internet,
  • recording lesson topics,
  • checking attendance,
  • reserving test dates,
  • ability to design your own “card in the log”
  • entering comments on behavior,
  • registering tours, celebrations, inspections,
  • reports on the school, branch, student (“notes for parents”),
  • classification sheets.

The application Parent-Teacher Conferences24 provides parents with instant access to information contained in the Electronic School Register. The service Parent-Teacher Conferences24 promotes responsible upraising on a daily basis, and not only on the occasion of meeting with the form teacher at school.

Benefits for parents:

  • free access from any computer connected to the Internet,
  • security of the data presented,
  • constantly updated information about grades, behavior and attendance of the child,
  • access to the lesson timetable and information about substitutes,
  • access to the calendar of important events in the life of the class and school,
  • data presented in the form of tables or charts,
  • in the case of siblings, ability to access information on the achievement of all children,
  • Instant notification of grades, absences, lateness and comments by e-mail,
  • tools for the advanced analysis of the information presented.

The Education Management Platform operates under the most popular web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer ver.8.x and higher,
  • Firefox ver.5.x and higher,
  • Opera ver.12 and higher,
  • Safari ver.5.x and higher,
  • Google Chrome (all versions).

A wide functional scope

The Education Management Platform allows you to conduct recruitment to nurseries, kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools, secondary schools. In addition, the system includes the following modules: Organizational sheet, Analysis of the obligation of education, Book of Substitutions, Class Timetable, Organization of External Exams, Student Management Systems, Electronic School Register and Parent-Teacher Conferences24.

Online access

To operate the system, all you need is access to the Internet, it runs on the most popular browsers: Internet Explorer ver.8.x and higher, Firefox ver.5.x and higher, Opera ver.12 and higher, Safari ver.5.x and higher and Google Chrome (all versions).

One administration center

The centralized architecture makes it possible to simplify and shorten system management procedures from the level of a single administration center, common for all units covered by implementation.

Flexible, customized offer

The system can be installed using the hardware infrastructure of the Office, but also it can be offered to be done in the data processing center of Asseco Data Systems in the form of services located in the so-called “cloud”. All these properties make the management of education in the city much easier and less expensive.

Dedicated training and ongoing support of consultants

Our implementers and consultants provide training for new users, providing them with the most optimal use of all the possibilities that the Education Management Platform gives. During cooperation the user remains in constant contact with consultants, so you can always count on substantial help in case of any questions or concerns.

Data security

The Education Management Platform has high security of stored data. Information entered into the module Certificates are protected as efficiently as electronic banking.


The Education Management Platform is offered in two models:

  • The system is offered using the hardware infrastructure of the office.
  • The system is made available in the data processing center of Asseco Data Systems in the form of services located in the so-called “cloud”.

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