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System for municipal companies (heating and water) allows to manage the municipal enterprise in a comprehensive way, because it consists of the following modules which perform a variety of tasks resulting from the specifics of the municipal enterprise:

  • Kom-Media – Settlement of Sales of Water, Wastewater, Thermal Energy
  • Kom-Bok – Customer Service Office, Document and Affairs Circulation,
  • eBOK – Online Customer Service Office,
  • Kom-Net – Water metering, Investments and Repairs, Orders, GIS,
  • Kom-Inkaso Pro – Mobile Payment Collector,
  • ERP System – Finance and Accounting, HR-Payroll, Fixed Assets, Material and Warehouse Management, Sales and others.

All of these modules connect and exchange data with the ERP system, which we offer in two standards – typically Polish, based on the solution Impuls and the international, based on Microsoft Dynamics AX. Thanks to the strategy adopted, the technology and system architecture it is possible to integrate with any other ERP systems (example integrations made are SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, and others).

The architecture of the solution applied allows implementation in small, medium and large companies and predisposes us as a partner for capital groups (e.g. SAUR, Veolia, Tauron or EON). Thanks to the modular construction of the system, we are the only ones on the market who do not require the Client to choose one accounting solution, but we let them choose the optimal standard for them or even remain with the currently used ERP system, changing only solutions for the sales and technical area. The Client can choose any solution and complement it with our modules.

The offered software package is a system that is very modern on the one hand, developed on the basis of leading technologies like Java, Oracle and ESRI. On the other hand, it is a mature system, working with dozens of large, medium and small Clients in a different functional area.
We especially emphasize that the system is created and developed by the team of specialists working with it often for more than 25 years. As part of the consolidation changes that took place on the Polish IT market, company changed, but the product line and people are still the same (having experience in the execution of dozens of complex implementations and constituting support for our group of Clients on a daily basis).

KOM-Media module is a modern system for performing billing sales, preparation and printing of agreements with recipients, recording of data and settlement parameters. The system has extensive reporting capabilities. The system allows i.a.:

  • full access to stored historical data,
  • recording the relationships between the entities (payer-recipient-addressee-administrator)
  • compliance with the act on protection of personal data,
  • ample capabilities of defining and making calculations for any complex systems containing:
  • counters and dividers for cyclical and one-off services,
  • flexibility in selecting the objects to be invoiced – possibility of selecting the objects according to a broad range of criteria,
  • the possibility of issuing multiple invoices for one recipient,
  • defining and differentiating the appearance of print invoices according to needs,
  • advanced support for printers and envelope machines, sending printouts outside,
  • support of electronic invoicing (sending to eBok, e-mail notifications, SMS),
  • support for multiple tariffs and tariff groups while maintaining the historical order,
  • issuing various types of correction invoices – mass and for individual complaints,
  • connecting to the current backlog of invoices, overpayments, interest, interest notes, calls for payment, additional prints,
  • automatic settlement of various types of discounts,
  • support for individual bank accounts, direct debits and ROR,
  • integration of financial-accounting systems,
  • sales planning,
  • historical storing of information about agreements and annexes, automatic creation of contents of agreements, ability to scan them as well as handle and archive them,
  • use of many dedicated and definable statistics with the possibility of export to files of various formats,
  • management of readings (schedule of readings, service of reading routes),
  • cooperation with payment collector terminals and radio equipment readings.

Internet Customer Service Office is a module (web-based) which allows you to launch an online communication channel, which streamlines the process of customer service. The application offers two-way communication between the recipient and the company. It provides information about invoices and payments, agreements, collection points and readings, affairs and requests submitted by the client and many more. The application is integrated with other systems for customer service: the billing system Kom-Media, the system of document circulation Kom-Bok, the financial-accounting system. The application allows:

  • reviewing the register of applications and cases,
  • obtaining information about the progress of a particular case and the realization of the request,
  • reviewing documents related to the request,
  • adding additional file attachments, e.g. PDF documents,
  • reviewing the list of invoices and payments, checking the status of payments,
  • access to the content of the invoice (including the annex) in PDF format and printing invoices,
  • making payments of invoices through online payment,
  • access and verification of customer contact data,
  • access to the register of contracts and annexes,
  • access to the content of contracts, annexes, attachments with the possibility of printing,
  • access to the register of facilities in the contract,
  • detailed information about the sizes associated with facilities, e.g. about ordered capacities, lump sums,
  • access to the list of meters installed at the facility,
  • access to the register of readings,
  • access to data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Kom-Bok is a specialist module supporting the flow of information and documents, which allows for continuous monitoring of the quality level of the provided services. Thanks to various functionalities, it allows for keeping records of counterparties, handling documents, in particular cos invoices, and invoicing of sales of services. Moreover, Kom-Bok was expanded by features to simplify the administration and operation of the system. The system enables i.a.:

  • a register of all cases and records of all incoming and outgoing letters concerning the client,
  • access to invoices issued to a given client,
  • working with MS Office and OpenOffice – automatically creating printouts of documents based on templates,
  • support for different versions of documents,
  • handling documents that are complex, consisting of text and graphics,
  • advanced mechanism for defining access rights to documents for users and user groups,
  • service of chancery books,
  • ability to scan invoices and enter financial data related to the invoice,
  • service of the “cost description” of the invoice along with the ability to break down the amount of the invoice for individual accounts,
  • support of automatic template that generates the content of the “cost” description of the invoice,
  • automatic data transfer about the invoice to the ERP system,
  • supporting organizational procedures and informal information flow,
  • ensuring efficient management of unique projects or routine processes,
  • efficient customer service through the rapid retrieval of information on matters (such as the progress of implementation) with insight in documents related to the case,
  • formal record of organizational procedures through circulation of the case: determining sequential, parallel and conditional activities, which should be done together with an indication of the cell (or person) responsible and the date,
  • automatic transfer of the case to the next cells (persons) according to the specific circulation of the case, at the time of approval of the execution of a given activity in the system,
  • tracking the circulation of each case: controlling the state of execution and timeliness, the opportunity to search backlog of cases,
  • synthetic reporting showing the quantity and timeliness of cases of particular types executed in individual cells (or by specific persons),
  • ability to define the columns and data export to MS Excel,
  • ability to define the documents that at each stage should be recorded in the system or issued by the system,
  • automatically informing the user of new cases (built-in messaging system), service of substitutes,
  • support of file services and printing invoices,
  • automatic attribution of invoices to the accounting system,
  • support in the scope of calculating the service together with printing the calculation as an annex to the invoice,
  • register of address points using directories of cities and streets, and information about the property number, parcel number and geodetic area,
  • management of document cases from the side of the technical facility and address point,
  • full access to the Register of Technical Facilities (system Kom-Net),
  • support of substantive documents (e.g. technical conditions, acceptance protocols, connection agreements, assembling orders, complaint forms, contracts for delivery),
  • service of document contents as CAD and inspection video attachments,
  • support in the scope of the automatic creation and printing of calculations for documents like the offer, quotation, etc.

Kom-Inkaso PRO is a reading system, allowing for collection and storage of readings both via radio, as well as traditionally through manual operation of the device by the operator. This system co-operates closely with Kom-Media in terms of the processes of acquisition of readings, invoicing and recording of cash payments. Thanks to online operation, this data can be immediately added to the billing system in the enterprise headquarters. The system allows i.a.:

  • entering the state of the meter,
  • collecting the state of the meter via radio,
  • managing the work of operators through routes,
  • sending new routes to the system from the billing system online/offline,
  • reporting parts/whole routes to the billing system,
  • using algorithms settling consumption defined in the Kom-Media system for complex systems with countdown timers,
  • calculating the amount of consumption for a given period,
  • calculating the used products,
  • mechanism for tracking the correctness of calculations being the basis for issuing the invoice,
  • generating and viewing the invoice content in the system,
  • printing invoices from the system,
  • sending an invoice to the billing system online and offline,
  • reporting unread counters filtering by criteria.

Kom-Net system has modular build, it consists of the following parts: Kom-Net planning and settling repairs and investments, Kom-Net network management system, Kom-Net Water metering and Kom-Net GIS. Thus it can be implemented in phases and extended by new features, together with complementing data on network facilities.


Kom-Net planning and settling repairs and investments is a specialized solution that includes all the processes related to the proper operation and maintenance of the network. Thanks to the developed functionality it supports maintenance services for planning and settling repairs and investments. The system is prepared to support all processes related to the operation of the network. It is characterized by rich functionality, especially in the area of document handling, monitoring the implementation of investment plans and renovation, creating an investment or repair plan, applying changes in assets. The system is by standard integrated with the systems Kom-Media (billing) and Kom-Bok (Customer Service Office) and with the systems Microsoft Dynamics AX and Impuls BPSC.

The system allows to plan and settle repairs and investments, i.a.:

  • the possibility to introduce a great number of proposals for tasks into one document, specifying:
    • location of works,
    • the material scope of work, proposed date of commencement and completion of work and the proposed number of hours
    • method of executing the existing task
    • or new asset associated with the task
    • cost posts
    • proposed list of materials with quantities
    • projections related to the execution of the task
  • supports the process of creating a list of tasks by applying the mechanism of automatic generation of tasks on the basis of standard sets of tasks of the mechanism for generating the content of documents in MS Word with automatic filling-in of data in the content of:
    • inventory number and the name of the fixed asset
    • cost post
    • detailed specification of the list of tasks
  • monitoring the execution of investment and repair plans:
    • integration with the ERP system in the scope of collecting data on realized costs
    • support of the value of costs incurred at the levels of analytics
    • generating reports on the implementation of plans
    • ability to export reports to MS Excel
    • ability to connect the component tasks to the position of the executed plan along with the balance of planned costs
  • creating an investment and repair plan
  • applying changes in assets


Kom-Net network management system is a specialized solution that includes all the processes related to the proper operation and maintenance of the network by using the records of facilities with technical data. The module Record of Technical Facilities of the Network allows to link very detailed data about network elements with the system for recording fixed assets. Its basic feature is to collect technical and operational data, manage equipment and technical documentation.

In the scope of network management, the system allows i.a.:

  • technical and operational data of fixed elements of the network (buses, connections, locks, valves, etc.)
  • management of equipment (meters, meter components, automation, sensors, regulators, etc.)
  • management of technical documentation
  • supporting the execution of orders such as: failures, repairs, maintenance
  • accounting orders


Kom-Net Water metering is a specialized solution that includes all the processes related to the proper operation and maintenance of water meters in the water supply network using the records of facilities with technical data. The system is integrated with industry applications for the collection, storage and transmission of data. The data (exchange operations, assembly, disassembly, legalization, expert reports, liquidation, transfer to the warehouse, transfer to the employee, etc.) recorded in Kom-Net is available from the files of water meters.

In the scope of water metering, the system allows i.a.:

  • the water meter file enables registration and recording of individual and conjugated water meters,
  • water metering orders, which allow you to generate and print documents of orders for the replacement of water meters collectively and manage conjugated water meters through automated performance of assembly/disassembly operations at the same time on both water meters,
  • generating reports/printouts.


Kom-Net GIS makes it possible to link data of network elements with the numeric map. This visualization will facilitate the location of the covered area on the map.

In the scope of GIS, the system allows i.a.:

  • direct support for the numeric map,
  • efficient inventory of industry data and its maintenance,
  • supporting technical departments issuing technical conditions for new connections,
  • supporting the process of water meters management, generating orders for the replacement of water meters from map level,
  • improving the work of the dispatcher through easier registration of operational orders,
  • ability to identify the valves that are to be closed in order to cut off the water supply to the network section where the failure occurred and identity the addresses without water supply,
  • possibility of cooperation with surveying centers in the scope of exchanging spatial data (addresses, buildings, land records data and other industry networks),
  • supporting customer service departments in BOK branches, access to billing data from map level (readings, contracts, annexes to contracts),
  • maintaining network reliability,
  • assisting archiving processes and retrieval of documents from map level,
  • spatial analysis of water consumption, along with the possibility cross-annual and monthly summation,
  • helping to generate graphic attachments to contracts specifying the borders of operation.

The ERP system is software with modular construction, where each module provides full support for the relevant areas and processes in the company. The ERP system is designed for the comprehensive planning of resources of a company and their accounting for maximum efficiency. The main advantage that is ensured by the purchase and implementation of ERP software is standardizing IT solutions in the company. These systems ensure orderliness of business processes, optimization of costs and inventory, speeding up the exchange of information and improving communication – which significantly improves customer service and reduces order execution times.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an innovative, comprehensive ERP solution, with built-in standard functional extensions for the following industries: professional services, manufacturing services, retail services or public administration. The solution enables companies operating on the national market and internationally, as well as in one location or in a geographically distributed structure, to work within a single solution. Microsoft Dynamics AX is available in over 40 languages and comprehensively supports, among others, the following business processes: Financial Management, Production, Sales, Purchase, Logistics, Project Management, Business Data Analysis, Reporting and much more.

Asseco Group, with huge experience of many years in the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics AX system, has developed many additional features and modules dedicated to specific industries, which we supply to our Clients. One of the adjustments that have been carried out is a series of features dedicated to the Utility industry, to which we have been delivering the Microsoft Dynamics AX system since 2003.


The system for municipal companies (heating and water supply) is developed on the basis of cutting-edge technologies such as Java, Oracle and ESRI.


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Online access

E-BOK – Internet Customer Service Office provides access to data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that customers of municipal companies can check their data themselves, which saves time for employees of this company.


The system for municipal companies, thanks to six modules and dozens of features, provides the holistic and comprehensive management of the company and the provision of services to its customers at the highest level.

Rich functionality

The system is equipped with dozens of features, which makes it extremely competitive with other similar products on the market.

Uniform IT solutions

Implementation of ERP software allows you to standardize solutions in the company. In addition, it provides orderliness for business processes, optimization of costs and inventory, speeding up the exchange of information and improving communication.

Data security

The system ensures the security of data stored in the system by using the latest tools for managing data security.

Simplification of processes

Thanks to the applied feature, the system provides maximum simplification of administrative processes. At the same time, it supports the flow of information and documents, which allows for continuous monitoring of the quality level of the provided services.


Our solutions are used by i.a.:

  • Zakład Wodociągów i Kanalizacji in Szczecin
  • Zakład Wodociągów i Kanalizacji in Grodzisk Mazowiecki
  • Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji in Wrocław
  • Rejonowe Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji in Sosnowiec
  • Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej in Bytom
  • Tauron Ciepło
  • Wodociągi Płockie
  • Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji in Lublin
  • Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji in Lubin
  • Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji in Gdynia
  • Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji in Olsztyn
  • Elbląskie Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej in Elbląg
  • Wodociągi Białostockie
  • Miejskie Wodociągi i Kanalizacja in Bydgoszcz
  • Komunalne Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej in Bydgoszcz
  • Sanockie Przedsiębiorstwo Gospodarki Komunalnej in Sanok
  • Dalkia in Warsaw, Dalkia in Poznań, Dalkia in Łódź, Dalkia Polska, Dalkia Termin (several heating companies)
  • Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Gospodarki Komunalnej in Chełm
  • Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji in Gliwice
  • Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej in Tychy
  • Zakład Wodociągów i Kanalizacji in Łódź
  • Telewizyjna Agencja Informacyjna
  • OPEC in Grudziądz