The system for publishing public information zet.BIP is a tool allows for the creation of  subject parties of the Public Information Bulletin and for publishing information via the Internet, it is dedicated for public administration institutions and others bound by the Act on access to public information.


zet.BIP allows you to enter and publish information referred to in the above Act and Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration on the Public Information Bulletin and meets the formal and technical requirements required by these laws. It is a system based on tested technologies, scalable, flexible and easy to use.


Modules of the System   zet.BIP

  • Administration panel separated from the relevant party, protected by a username and password.
  • User Management (authorization system) – the module responsible for the allocation by the administrator of access rights for those persons responsible for editing content on the site. The section allows to assign an editor to one or more modules of the site.
  • Content editor in the form of a WYSIWYG mechanism for updating content directly from the site.
  • News – module responsible for the presentation of information. The editor of the site specifies the title, the content of the information, the date of its publication and expiration, the place and status of the publication.
  • Media Management – galleries: photo, video, audio; VOD – video on demand; broadcasts online and offline; online meeting.
  • RSS Feeds – module responsible for generating the information published on the site of content in RSS format, providing the possibility to track changes on the site through RSS readers.

Technological requirements of software for the zet.BIP system:

  • operating system Linux or WINDOWS.
  • server Apache or IIS,
  • database MySQL.


Implementation and maintenance support


Along with the application zet.BIP we offer:

  • implementation of the application,
  • migration of content,
  • administration of the application,
  • service subscription model,
  • user support,
  • ensuring quality and performance parameters.

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Advanced content search

The advanced search allows you to look for content on the BIP portal by phrase, content by the attached files, if they have the suitable form, e.g. Word (MS Office) or Writer (Open Office) and search the entire site for phrases contained in the created resolution.

A rich set of features

The zet.BIP system includes features like: WYSIWYG content editor, news, RSS feed, multimedia, including: galleries: photo, video, audio, VOD, broadcasts online and offline as well as online meetings.

Easy to use

The Zet.BIP system includes many features that allow non-technical editorial staff to conveniently enter data and manage the site. This solution is also characterized by simple operation of the system visible to the user.

Central management console

The Zet.BIP system allows you to operate multiple websites under one contracting party with a central console to manage multiple sites (MultiSite), e.g. many subsidiaries (schools, kindergartens), which have one administrator.


The Zet.BIP system is maintained on servers located in the Data Center of Asseco Data Systems S.A., having the Quality Management System Certificate compliant with the standard PN-EN ISO 9001 and the Information Security Management System compliant with the standard ISO/IEC 27001 (ISMS). We use the operator connection of the suppliers: Netia, TPSA, Bydman, GTS.

Security Encryption Connection

The zet.BIP system uses the following technologies to encrypt connections: SSL encryption, encryption of incoming and outgoing traffic, list of VPN connections (encrypted, secure tunnels to the data center and client).


The Zet.BIP application is available in the subscription model of software lease. Settlements take place in a monthly cycle and operate on the basis of an agreement.


This model has the following advantages:

  • no need to purchase ICT equipment,
  • ease and scalability in adding a new BIP instance, e.g. another kindergarten in the Commune,
  • a list of indicators which are subject to service quality supervision,
  • administration support,
  • monitoring of the high quality of services,
  • high availability of the site.