Description of the Area

Do you want to simplify and speed up the internal document management process?

Start automatic and mass communication with customers.

Make use of advanced IT solutions for companies and institutions that communicate massively with their clients. In the Asseco Mass Communication offer you will find a number of specialized services that will increase business efficiency and build a competitive advantage.

Rely on a proven supplier, with many years of experience, offering services and products based on the latest technologies. Be sure that your correspondence, regardless of its volume and type, such as invoices, billings, transactional or marketing correspondence, will reach your customers on time.

Combine the power of digital solutions and traditional services!

Choose digital and traditional mass correspondence solutions that allow you to communicate with your customers safely and effectively.

Learn about services related to electronic data processing, document flow, marketing communication and archiving:

  • Electronic Documents System
  • Electronic Archive
  • Electronic Durable Media
  • Electronic HR Documents
  • Data Processing
  • E-mail and SMS communication
  • Structured Invoice

Choose the solutions that allow for mass printing, enveloping, postage and return mail handling as well as archiving:

  • Correspondence and Mass Printing
  • Postal Returns Handling
  • Remote Printing System
  • Paper Documents Archive

Are you ready to go paperless? Or maybe you need traditional services?

Make use of the best solutions for mass communication on the market.

We offer the following solutions:

  • Mass print-outs – a mass document print-out service in laser technology.


  • Enveloping – an enveloping service utilizing modern devices: KERN, Neopost.


  • Personalization of documents and correspondence (transaction print-outs) – a service involving the print-out of personalized documents (in the process of printing directly on the letter being sent) and correspondence (personalized address on the labels).


  • E-Invoices Handling System (SOE) – a service involving the preparation and distribution of e-Invoices or any other document in electronic form, i.e. PDF, secured with a seal or electronic signature and time marker.


  • Safe Electronic Archive (BAE) – a service involving archiving and provision, along with meta-data based search, of electronic documents prepared by the Mass Communication Division or provided by the client.
  • eMailing – a service involving distribution to end recipients of documents in electronic form through a mail server according to a required schedule and mail account address database.
  • e-Avizo – is a service of mobile notification of recipients about the issuance of documents for them, such as invoices. It is a fast and secure way to send personalized information in the form of electronic mail (e-mail) or short text message (SMS).


  • Virtual Printer (Z-Print) – a service optimizing the costs of office printing and correspondence within the organization through a system managing the workflow of documents intended to be sent in the form of letters. The service also provides shipment management services, the possibility to store electronic documents and handling of feedback correspondence.


  • Post and courier shipment – the service of dispatching post shipments involves, apart from printing, addressing and enveloping of documents to the form of finished consignments, also their delivery, in the name of the clients, to the given post operator or courier company, including payment of the shipping fee.


  • Handling incoming correspondence and returns – a service involving direct handling of returns, covering the following activities: identification of the return based on bar codes and shipment database, entering the cause of the return, sending a report from the works performed to the client periodically, e.g. weekly.


  • Dispatch Monitoring System (SMW) – a package of applications intended for monitoring the condition of mass correspondence, starting from the processing input sets (received from the client) to the moment of dispatch of the consignments at the post office (or shipment via courier).


  • Secure PIN dispatches – a service involving preparation of letters in the Pressure-Seal technology, allowing for maximum secrecy of correspondence.


  • Optimization of costs – the Cost Optimization system allows the clients to reduce costs through consolidation – combining shipments in a single envelope into a collective letter.


  • Document scanning – a service involving scanning of documents, including i.a.: segregation of documents, scanning them, obtaining of information from the documents, storing the documents and the information about them in files or in repositories of electronic documents.


  • Paper Archives – a service of storage in our own Paper Archives of any type of paper documents, e.g. bank, financial and accounting, HR and payroll etc. documents.


  • Portal solutions – a service involving the preparation of portals (i.a. Content Management, eCommerce, payment systems, Business Intelligence, etc.) based on the newest JAVA, WebServices, XML, SOA and other technologies.


  • Mail Merge – Direct Mailing – a service involving the print-out, addressing and enveloping of documents ordered by a company or institution, it also covers delivery of correspondence to the addressee via a post operator or courier company.

Mass Communication in numbers:


The number of print-outs per month


The number of enveloped letters


The number of personalized pages printed per minute


eDocuments per day