Description of the Area

We provide people and company identity confirmation services known on the Internet under the Certum brand. We offer services ensuring credibility and safety for documents, files and computer devices. Since 2002, Certum has been on the world list of certification centers and it handles clients from dozens of countries. It holds the WebTrust seal for certification services such as: SSL, SMIME, Code Signing, VPN and certified e-signature, and WebTrust Extended Validation seal for EV SSL certificates.

Contact details

 +48 91 480 13 40

We offer the following certificates:

CERTUM SSL/TLS Certificates – are security certificates that secure the transmission of confidential data across the Internet, such as: login/login password, credit card numbers, First and Last Name, etc. against being intercepted by unauthorized persons.

Certum SSL Certificate:

  • it ensures a high level of security and certification – recommended for protection of data base, website, corporate and business, as well as e-shop servers,
  • it helps to fulfill the requirement of the act on protection of personal data,
  • it supports protection against: phishing, on-line scamming, falsification and interception of data.

Our offer includes the following types of CERTUM SSL certificates in wildcard and multidomain versions:

  • CERTUM Commercial SSL (DV) Certificate
  • CERTUM Trusted SSL (OV) Certificate
  • CERTUM Premium EV SSL (EV) Certificate

E-mail ID Certificates – is an electronic identity document authenticating a given user on the Internet, containing a set of specific identification data, certified by the Trusted Third Party and associated with a specific pair of cryptographic keys.


E-mail ID Certificates are used for:


  • confirm your identity on the web
  • prevent the falsification of content
  • encrypting messages
  • prove the origin of the message
  • communicate securely


Your privacy on the web


Privacy is a personal good that we care for every day. It should not be different in the network. Do not allow third parties to access your messages, falsify them or use them against you.


Security of your correspondence


Both in reality and on the Internet, you want to feel safe. E-mail ID is the highest level of security, guaranteed by proper verification of data such as e-mail address and personal data. Our product is an effective protection against falsification of messages. The certificate is secured by a high financial guarantee.


The credibility of your person


Get the trust of your business partners and take care of them also in private contacts. Thanks to our product, the recipient of your message will be able to read it without any fear.


Our offer includes the following types of E-mail ID Certificates:


  • E-mail ID Individual Certificate
  • E-mail ID Bussiness Certificate

Code Signing Certificates – Certificates allowing the software developers to digitally sign the original code, and allowing the recipients to verify the integrity of data on the basis of the digital signature. Thus they eliminate the anonymity of the applications published on the Internet and assure the end user that the program was not modified (e.g. by unauthorized persons or viruses) since it had been signed by the publisher.

Certum Code Signing Certificates are compatible with all the popular formats, including i.a. Adobe Air, Java, Microsoft Authenticode (Kernel-Mode), Apple, Mozilla, Linux, MS Office Macro and VBA.

We offer the following types of Code Signing certificates:

  • Open Source Code Signing
  • Standard Code Signing Certificate
  • Certyfikat EV Code Signing

Electronic Signature – it is a personal signature inside the digital world, certifying its owner. It has the same validity and legal power as a handwritten signature and thanks to this it may be used e.g. for official signing and granting legal power to all documents that function in electronic version.

The electronic signature applies i.a. to:

  • Submission of Social Insurance Company ZUS e-declarations,
  • Submission of tax e-declarations,
  • Signing of electronic invoices,
  • Signing of agreements,
  • Submission of letters, other applications and registration forms, i.a. to entities such as: courts, KRS, CEIDG, GIODO, patent office and other public administration bodies.

Certum’s offer includes the following types of sets:

  • Mini Set – a mobile device ideal for those who seek mobile solutions,
  • Standard Set – a classic device intended for those who work in an office/at home.

WebNotarius – services involving the electronic signature within a cloud are a new quality of

PKI(Public Key Infrastructure) services, allowing for management of electronic documents, signing them electronically, verification of signed documents and their forwarding, as well as archiving. Users do not have to install or update any software to fully enjoy the services associated with the electronic signature.

As a part of WebNotarius, we offer i.a.:

  • The possibility of signing and verification of e-signatures from trusted providers from all around the world,
  • A guarantee the client is using a service compliant with applicable EU norms,
  • Proof of signature verification in the form of a PDF document.




Time Marker – this service is especially useful in situations where date and time play a major role in stating if a given document, agreement or signature has existed at a particular moment. A time marker is a “label” of sorts, attached to an electronic document or an application, on the basis of which the accurate, reliable date of its creation or signature and securing against falsification and backdating can be easily determined.

Main applications – time marking of:

  • agreements sent in electronic form to banks, insurance institutions and partner companies,
  • applications and requests sent in electronic form to public administration bodies,
  • electronic invoices sent to recipients in electronic form.

We offer the following types of Time Markers:

  • Certified Time Marker – produces the legal effects of the “certain date” within the understanding of the provisions of the Civil Code
  • Uncertified Time Marker


Cards – allow for the utilization of state of the art technologies from the field of data protection and identification. They are characterized both by high safety and performance. The stored user keys are protected with an RSA algorithm with a length of up to 2048 bits. Intelligent cards are used for, among others: storage of certificates, signing and encryption of documents and mail, user certification and any other uses requiring high security.

We offer the following cards:

  • contact – a microprocessor card with the StarCos 3.2 operating system
  • hybrid – are a reliable combination of the contact and the proximity model. Selection of the proximity module lies with the client. (Mifare 1k, Mifare 4k, Unique, DESFire)
    We fulfill orders for supply of cards bearing the client’s graphics.

Card reader – devices used for communication between the card and the selected system component. The offered readers handle ID000 and ID1 (standard and mini) format cards, as well as proximity cards. The offer includes readers allowing for communication via: USB, micro USB, mini jack (3.5 mm), bluetooth, PCMCIA. For highest possible safety, we offer readers equipped with keypads for PIN input, display and fingerprint reading. We are a distributor of ACS readers on the Polish market.








Security and Trust services in numbers:


the number of electronic signature, SSL, ID and Code Signing certificates issued


the number of clients from all around the world


the number of business partners in Poland and abroad


the number of points of sale