Description of the Area

Software Maintenance and Development

We provide services related to the creation of customer-dedicated software. We provide teams of analysts, designers, programmers, testers, system architects, and project managers, who have experience in the creation, development, and modification, as well as integration and maintenance of software. The applied technologies and highly qualified and experienced staff make it possible to provide you with services in the scope of advanced Big Data systems. We provide services based on the best global standards in project management, collecting requirements, design and manufacture, testing, service management, which is supported by trained and certified staff.

We are the authors of one of the strategic systems of the state – the insurance system for the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (KRUS). We work on the development, maintenance, and operation of domain systems for KRUS in relation to farmers’ social insurance, health insurance, and short-term benefits as well as a reference database of personal data.


Insurance systems for KRUS

  • nSIU – an insurance information system, which is the central system of KRUS, operated in the cooperation model based on outsourcing, used by the headquarters of KRUS and all 271 organizational units throughout the country. The system is available to more than 3,000 users who use a web browser. It is one of the major systems in Poland, which manages social insurance and pays benefits. The system is embedded in two high-end data processing centers of Asseco Data Systems.
  • KACHNA – a system for handling health insurance, working with the nSIU system, operated in all organizational units and field offices across the country.

System for PKN

  • Asseco Data Systems has designed, produced and implemented an integrated system at the Polish Committee for Standardization, which includes the Polish Portal Resource for Standardization and the System of Digital Sales of Products and Services. The system was executed on the ORACLE platform, an EMC (Enterprise Content Management) type repository was implemented based on the Alfresco product, which ensures the electronic circulation of documentation, archiving of documents, management of Workflow and versioning of files. The system complies with the functionality of the B2B platform and integrates several internal PKN systems. The system supports the use of electronic signatures.


The area has competencies in the scope of:

  • Management: PRINCE2, MoR, ITIL.
  • Creating custom applications in accordance with the best practices and the use of advanced software engineering:
    • Production of software in accordance with RUP, Scrum, XP methodologies.
    • Requirements analysis – a comprehensive analysis in the scope of the analysis of the company’s business processes (BPMN), from the analysis of business requirements, through the identification and specification of system requirements (UML).
    • Analysis and design – developing the system architecture and a detailed system design (OOAD, UML).
    • Implementation – Implementation of complex, high-performance, and high-availability systems using a wide range of programming languages, frameworks, and technologies (including Java EE/SE, PL/SQL, JavaScript, ExtJS).
    • Substantive knowledge in the field of financial and accounting systems and insurance systems.
    • Manual tests – tests based on agile methodologies and Waterfall.
    • Automated tests of WEB interfaces:

– Testing dynamically generated services

– Creating tools supporting tests

– Creating Frameworks for the testing process

  • Automated tests of WEBServices.
  • Performance testing – execution of stress, overload, performance tests, analysis of bottlenecks.
  • Continuous Integration – experience in implementing and maintaining a process of continuous integration
  • Continuous Deployment – both for development and production.
  • Continuous Delivery – integrated testing machines with the process Continuous Deployment and generating reports as a basis for decision-making during Continuous Delivery.
  • Automatic management and maintenance of developer/testing/acceptance environments.
  • Automatic versioning of databases.
  • Analysis and Consulting in the scope of the manufacturing process.
  • Implementations of systems.
  • Maintenance of systems.

Conctact Details

+48 42 675 64 19

We also offer the following programming services/products:

Development of custom applications – a service involving the development of custom applications according to the individual needs and requirements of the client. The software development team is especially proficient in solutions associated with management of documents and information, and workflow class systems.

Mobile applications – a mobile application development service. Thanks to the use of repeatable elements in our solutions, we are able to prepare versions of the applications for any Android device in a relatively short time.

E-mailing – systems allowing for the creation of messages on the basis of the data provided in any format, and for sending documents, as well as marketing materials, agreements, regulations, annexes and other information.





Employee Document Repository is a system that allows you to transform existing, paper archives of employee files to electronic form. Thanks to this it is possible to manage them through a simple web browser with safety. The system consists of two modules: Document importer and graphic interface.

nSIU system in numbers:


users logging into our systems


lines of code of the nSIU system

670 mln+

accounting operations carried out in the system


users periodically trained on-line through the platform