Description of the area

We design, create and implement specialist software for financial institutions, especially dedicated to the leasing and car fleet management (CFM) industry. The LEO System is  the central point of the offer for the leasing sector. It is a comprehensive program, supporting leasing and CFM companies in all areas, in particular in the scope of: operations, finances and accounting, sales and fleet management. Our solutions combine five basic features: functionality, reliability, flexibility, ease of use and work efficiency.

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Solutions offered for financial institutions

LEO CMS – (Contract Management System) – it is an application for the back offices of a leasing company, comprehensively supporting the handling of leasing contracts, it is systematically expanded with additional modules, facilitating the implementation of various business tasks for leasing companies, regardless of their profile or magnitude.



LEO CFM (Car Fleet Management) – is a program dedicated to companies offering car fleet outsourcing services, e.g. long term rental of passenger and transport vehicles. This program includes a set of tools supporting external vehicle fleet management, and it addition it has all the convenient features of the LEO CMS system.

LEO SFA – (Stock for Agents) along with the web application webSFA – is a tool supporting many business activities associated with stock financing and factoring, etc. Thanks to the innovative AWL (ADH WorkFlow Logic) technology, the system allows for the implementation of nearly every business model, offering a flexible application as a result, open to changes dictated by the business needs of the market and the client.


LEO GL – (General Ledger) – is a system dedicated to finances and accounting departments, meeting the assumptions of the Act on Accounting and IFRS. It allows for realization of accounting operations, and it facilitates the preparation of the required reports. An additional advantage of LEO GL is its full integration with the LEO CMS and LEO CFM systems at the database level. The applied accounting templates mechanism, accompanying key operations in LEO CMS or CFM allows for simultaneous input of data and automatic accounting.

LEO Front End – is a package of modern web applications heavily integrated with LEO CMS and its database. The application is installed on a WWW server and it is operated through any web browser at the sales representative, fed by offer models from the central data base. LEO Front End integrates the activities facilitating the navigation of the leasing company client through the entire process associated with signing the leasing agreement and preparation and presentation of the offer, up to signing and implementation of an agreement. The LEO Front End package currently includes the following applications:

  • for salesmen
  • for the sales network manager
  • for experts
  • for the risk analyst
  • for LEO Front End administrators

Solutions offered for offices

Anti-Money Laundering – a system dedicated for companies under the obligation to send in reports concerning suspicious financial transactions to the General Inspector of Financial Information (GIIF).

Cessation of sales and technical support

Czarodziej Faktur (Invoice Wizard), enjoying incessant popularity since 1996, is a program realizing all the tasks associated with the process of invoice issuance and preparation of primary sales statements (Czarodziej Faktur Optyk (Optician Invoice Wizard) is a special version of the program, dedicated for opticians).


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