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LEO CMS – (Contract Management System) it is an application for the back offices of a leasing company, comprehensively supporting the handling of leasing contracts, it is systematically expanded with additional modules, facilitating the implementation of various business tasks for leasing companies, regardless of their profile or magnitude.

Architecture based on customers’ needs

Financial institutions expect IT solutions to provide the smooth running of ongoing business activities in all areas of operation. It is also important for them that the individual components of the system are integrated with each other, and the cooperation between them intuitive and automated. With this in mind, we have designed our IT system in a way that meets all the needs of leasing companies in terms of functional software. The result is a coherent IT system composed of cooperating layers.

Central database

The database is the core of the whole system. It provides fast, stable and accurate operation of all other layers and data sharing between its parts. The program can operate on the basis of the database tools Oracle, MS SQL and Interbase.

Main programs supporting the activities of back office

LEO CMS (Contract Management System), LEO LG (General Ledger) and LEO CFM (Car Fleet Management) constitute the heart of the proposed solutions for the leasing sector. They allow our customers to effectively implement various tasks related to back office, and above all the support of lease agreements with additional products, such as e.g. short-term/long-term rent, lease, fleet management, various types of insurance (accident and theft insurance/liability insurance/personal accident insurance/Assistance, GAP, Life), car accident and claim management services, maintenance and repair service, replacement cars, changing tyres and fuel cards.

Web applications supporting the field of back office

A package of web applications LEO Front End integrated with the core system provides effective implementation of operations in the front office zone, i.e. the optimization of all persons involved in customer service, namely: salespeople and their managers, experts and analysts as well as administrators. With our applications the sales network of a leasing company can efficiently and effectively run its business.

Additional modules

An important role in the system is played by additional modules of LEO CMS. Their use makes it possible to manage multiple specialized processes, such as: debt recovery, evaluation of the customer/transaction/item, security, import/export of data or the automation of many manual actions, etc. The customer can freely choose from a long list of additional modules those which are best suited to their individual needs.


We offer the following additional modules:

  • Accrued Income & Commission (AIC)
  • Scoring / rating analyses (SRS)
  • Exports from the database (DEM)
  • Eurotax
  • Fiscalization of invoices (printing of invoices on a fiscal printer)
  • Import of data to the General Index of Financial Information – GIIF (UOPPP)
  • Import of policies – distribution of financing contributions
  • Import of insurance policies (IPU)
  • Distribution Channel – export to XML (KD XML)
  • Distribution Channel – e-mail from XML (KD MAIL XML)
  • E-mail Distribution Channel (KD MAIL)
  • Invoice Distribution Channel (KD)
  • Print to pdf Distribution Channel (KD PDF)
  • Contracts settled in foreign currency (E2E)
  • Pre-financing module
  • Module for the regular termination of contracts (New RCT)
  • Calculating and accounting provisions (PCM)
  • Support for incoming payments – Speed Collect (SCM)
  • Parking Invoices/Purchase invoice (PJM)
  • Outgoing payments (PMS)
  • Direct Debit payment order (DDM)
  • Commissions and participations (PP)
  • Batch Process System automated processing (BPS)
  • Accruals (RMK)
  • Stock For Agents (SFA)
  • Task Management System (TMS)
  • Windows authentication (LDAP, single-sign-one)
  • Customer verification in G2I (ACM)
  • Debt Recovery (VMM)
  • Spoken agreements (ECT)
  • Security (CMM)


Reporting layer

There is no doubt that the analysis of current activities has a huge impact on strategic decisions in a financial institution. We offer Companies that use our system the ability to generate a variety of reports using advanced tools such as Crystal Reports.


Check out the sample reports:

  • agreement schedule
  • settlement of the contract in the case of early termination of the contract
  • contracts concluded in a given period with the main financial values
  • list of invoices, broken down by type
  • debt recoveries
  • ending policies
  • Scoring Rating result

Applied technologies and system solutions in the work environment LEO CMS:

Main application:

  • operating system: Windows XP +,
  • SQL database: ORACLE
  • Delphi 2007, Delphi XE5,

CoreLEO (security, integrity, automation):

  • operating system windows / linux 64 bit
  • jBoss EAP 6+/WildFly 10+
  • Java 1.7
  • SQL database: ORACLE 11+

The main application runs as a desktop application (fat client) written in client-server architecture in conjunction with the ORACLE database. The application is usually made available for remote access via Citrix XenApp, MS RemoteApp or directly from the remote desktop. Along with the application the module Core LEO is also made available, whose task is the central management of security, data integrity and support for the automation of works in the system.


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Optimization and automation of the back office sphere

LEO CMS streamlines all stages of the leasing process and makes it possible to offer virtually any financial product, e.g. operational/financial leasing, rent, lease, loan, insurance (transport insurance (accident and theft insurance/liability insurance/personal accident insurance/Assistance, GAP, Life), additional services.

Adjusting the system to your own business

LEO CMS provides over 2 000 configuration parameters, AWL technology, open engine spreadsheet, etc. They allow you to customize the program to the individual specifics of the leasing institution.

Adjusting the program to the user’s individual preferences

The system LEO CMS, through defining tree views, setting up visualization panels and the use of your own color style, makes it possible to easily adjust it to your particular job position.

Easy to use

The clear and intuitive interface, wizards of operations, view panels, powerful capabilities of searching, sorting and filtering data on line, mass processes and automation make the operation of LEO CMS extremely efficient and easy.

Data acquisition and analysis

The AWL technology contained in the visualization layer lets you filter, view in a cascade and export data out, which allows you to easily create simple reports online. Integrating the LEO System with reporting tools, such as Crystal Reports, extends these capabilities to the full spectrum of obtaining data from the central database.

Multilingualism and multi-currency

LEO CMS is available, among others: in Polish, English, Russian and Czech, and adding another language does not require the reconstruction of the system and takes only a few days. Multilingualism concerns several levels of the system, i.e. database, generated documents, and created reports and summaries. The latter are generated in the following languages: Polish, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, French and German. The introduction of a system currency and service of multi-currency contracts makes it possible to use the system in different countries, not only in Poland.


Would you like to deploy the LEO CMS in your company? Do you have more questions? You are welcome to contact our Sales Department, which will be happy to provide you with all the additional information: e-mail: leo.sales@assecods.pl


The company Asseco Data Systems S.A. (formerly ADH-Soft Sp. z o.o.) has been our reliable business partner for several years. The software for leasing companies (LEO, TIGER) created by the company Asseco Data Systems S.A. (formerly ADH-Soft) is the primary IT system used in our company. The integration of all business areas in a single system and its rapid and continuous development is one of the basic factors of our success on the market.

Witold Kulczycki
President of the Board Mercedes-Benz Bank Polska S.A.
Mercedes-Benz Leasing Polska sp. z o.o.


It has been 12 years since we started to cooperate with the company Asseco Data Systems S.A. (formerly ADH-Soft). It is the provider of our company’s cortical system. Over the many years of cooperation we have completed a number of projects aimed at adapting the software to the current trends on the leasing market. During the execution of these tasks, the employees of Asseco Data Systems S.A. (formerly ADH-Soft) have demonstrated excellent knowledge of the business issues related to the leasing industry.

Marek Bauer
Board Member
VB Leasing Polska S.A.


  • Toyota Leasing Poland
  • Volvo Financial Services Poland – region: VFS Central & East Europe)
  • RCI Leasing (Renalut Credit International)
  • Volkswagen Leasing
  • Mercedes-Benz Leasing Poland
  • BMW Financial Services Poland
  • Caterpillar Financial Services Poland
  • PKO Leasing
  • BNP Paribas Lease Group (+ other companies of BNP Group: CNH, Claas, Bank BGŻ BNP)
  • ING Lease
  • IDEA Leasing
  • De Lage Landen Leasing (+ ther companies of Rabo Bank Group: Athlon, Agco)
  • Santander Consumer Multirent
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