LEO Front End


LEO Front End is a package of modern web applications heavily integrated with LEO CMS and its database. The application was installed on a WWW server and it is operated through any web browser at the sales representative, fed by offer models from the central data base. LEO Front End integrates the activities facilitating the navigation of the leasing company client through the entire process associated with signing the leasing agreement and preparation and presentation of the offer, up to signing and implementation of an agreement. The LEO Front End package currently includes the following applications:

  • for salesmen
  • for the sales network manager
  • for experts
  • for the risk analyst
  • for LEO Front End administrators


The set of LEO Front End applications is a response to a distributed network of dealers, a variety of clients, wide choice of products, the need to prepare personalized offers. It is a daily feature of companies dealing in leasing or selling financial products. An effective optimization of front-office spheres is possible after all. This ensures the use of a set of modern web applications supporting the work of sellers and other people involved in customer service.


Online support and 100% security

Through the use of Internet technologies, the support of applications is done entirely online – you only need access to the Internet. When designing the application, particular attention was paid to ensuring adequate data protection. The applied multilevel systems of permissions and encryption of connections are a guarantee of safety.


Reports – access to valuable information on line

The possibility of generating reports is one of the main advantages of the application webLSP. As a result, sellers have fast access to information which is useful in their work. Check out the sample reports:

  • dealer commissions,
  • printouts of offers, requests and contracts,
  • other printouts required when signing the contract.

LEO Front End for sellers – more effective work of sellers

LEO Front End for sellers is a web application dedicated to sales representatives. Its use makes the activities of the seller noticeably simpler and more efficient. The application also helps managers to control the work of sellers. Each operation is stored in a central database of the system, which enables to monitor precisely the transactions scattered in different places. It definitely raises the standard of customer service and shortens the decision-making process, which translates into a positive image of the leasing company in the eyes of the target customer.


The application allows:

  • registration of customer data,
  • preparation of offers,
  • profitability analysis,
  • printing documents,
  • carrying out the verification process,
  • concluding agreements,
  • preparing collective statements,
  • constant access to current data.

LEO Front End for experts – an intuitive tool for experts

LEO Front End for experts is an application dedicated to experts who work with the leasing company during the risk analysis process of transactions. It lets authorized experts to appraise the subject of the transaction. Like other applications, this one is also integrated with LEO CMS. Thanks to this, the expert receives only the information that is necessary for the appraisal.


The application allows:

  • collection of data on various subjects of the lease,
  • appraisal of the subject of the lease,
  • taking binding decisions and recording them in the database,
  • generating prints of Crystal Reports, e.g. “Subject acceptance form”,
  • the work of internal and external experts.

LEO Front End for the network sales manager – control at the highest level

LEO Front End for the network sales manager is an application dedicated to managers who handle and control the work of their sales teams. This tool also streamlines the flow of information between the showroom and headquarters, among others, thanks to reporting sales results.


The application allows:

  • delegation of proposals and contractors,
  • control of the work of sellers (e.g. delegating the transactions of sellers who are on holiday or leave),
  • reporting sales results.

LEO Front End for the risk analyst – more efficient and more accurate risk analysis

LEO Front End for the network sales manager is a tool that supports the process of risk analysis and the determination of scoring. It facilitates the work of analysts responsible for taking decisions about transactions that do not meet the automatic assumptions and raise doubt. The application is directly connected to the database of LEO CMS. As a result, a person working in an application can easily get to the data from the central system. From the application level, the specialist creates recommendations on how the transaction is carried out or rejected, which is automatically visible to the seller.


The application allows:

  • accepting applications for assessment,
  • performing scoring/rating analyses,
  • entering and editing the evaluation,
  • verification of the completeness of data in the application,
  • acceptance of applications.

LEO Front End for administrators of the pledge for the application LEO Front End

The application facilitates the work of the Helpdesk/IT department involved in the management of all web applications. Its use facilitates the work of system administrators, and indirectly also of people using other applications.


The application allows:

  • management of users, profiles and permissions,
  • assigning workflow operations to various applications,
  • creating a sales network,
  • defining the scope of user access to specific applications by editing the multi-level tree menu of permits,
  • creating definable panels,
  • adding data controllers,
  • changing the user password,
  • supporting the communications mechanism with the dealer (Billboard),
  • supporting CR, i.e. compiling and over-recording new versions of the reports.

Applied technologies and system solutions in the work environment LEO Front End:

  • operating system windows / linux 64 bit
  • jBoss 5.x
  • Java 1.6
  • SQL database: ORACLE 11+

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Optimization of sellers and other external experts

Adjusting the process and data input screens lets you minimize the work necessary to prepare the offer and its further processing.

More efficient management of the dealer network

The sales network manager manages all the aspects of his sales team’s work – from delegating requests to reporting the sales results to headquarters.

Improving customer service

Automatic analysis of scoring and the availability of all necessary online print-outs lets you obtain a decision almost immediately after the seller inputs the offer.

Easy data acquisition and analysis

Integrating web applications with reporting tools, such as Crystal Reports, allows for fast obtaining data from the central database.

Easy to use

LEO Front End is characterized by intuitive operation and the possibility of adjustment to individual preferences.


LEO Front End was designed with particular emphasis on data security, which guarantees the use of the modern data transfer protocol SSL, firewall and use a variety of authentications.


Would you like to deploy the LEO Front End in your company? Do you have more questions? You are welcome to contact our Sales Department, which will be happy to provide you with all the additional information: e-mail: leo.sales@assecods.pl

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