Żabka introduces e-logistics with support from Asseco

Żabka introduces e-logistics with support from Asseco

Żabka, in cooperation with Asseco Data Systems, is the first company in the Polish retail sector to use qualified trust services on a mass scale in logistics. The shopping chain has implemented the first mechanisms (and is designing further ones) to confirm all logistics operations associated with the delivery of goods to all franchisees countrywide. Thanks to the use of qualified signatures and
time-stamped seals, as well as qualified validation, the whole process of proof of delivery and acceptance activities has been designed and implemented in electronic form. The implemented solutions will practically reduce the number of paper documents to zero, significantly facilitating their archiving and saving tons of paper.

 In today’s fast-moving world, the speed and security of information flow are crucial, regardless of the industry or company size. Growing market requirements make electronic data exchange between individual links of the supply chain a desired standard and further improve a company’s competitiveness on the market. The trend of reducing paper documentation is gaining popularity in the shopping sector, where supply logistics is one of the key areas – says Katarzyna Słabowska, Logistics Department Director at Żabka Polska.

In September 2020, Żabka announced the mass use of qualified signatures to remotely sign documents between the chain’s headquarters and franchisees. Żabka went a step further and implemented the next stage of digitization of processes related to the so-called e-logistics of goods understood as their delivery, but also returns. Eliminating paper documents or significantly reducing them is only one of the key elements that contributed to the project. The other two elements are the legal security, in an electronic way, of the transfer of goods between the participants of logistic processes and, what follows, ensuring a full real-time auditability of the turnover of goods.

Franchisees, through e-logistics processes, have primarily gained additional time and quick access to the information they expect, and the use of qualified trust services has provided them with legal peace of mind from their completed logistics activities.

We are pleased with the client’s openness to digital transformation and the trust it placed in us. The innovation and complexity of the implemented project shows that only mutual cooperation and a desire to achieve a common goal make it possible to overcome barriers, often associated with mindset, in the implementation of digitization in subsequent business processes, says Artur Miękina, Key Projects Sales Director at Asseco Data Systems.

The entire technological solution is hosted and maintained in the MS Azzure cloud infrastructure, which clearly shows the direction chosen by Żabka.

The Żabka convenience chain faces a number of logistical challenges on a daily basis, such as a large number of small stores, many of which are characterized by small facilities, location of outlets in city centers or tonnage limitations of small delivery trucks. This, in turn, results in the need for frequent, but also shortest possible deliveries to franchisees, so that they do not interfere with the operation of the stores.

Currently, Żabka Polska’s logistics consists of 7 logistics centers and 20 transshipment terminals, 670 drivers who travel around 30 million km per year. Among other things, the implementation of electronic signatures will significantly simplify and shorten logistics processes related to deliveries to almost 7,000 outlets of the chain, which involve many parties, including franchisees, employees of warehouse and terminal administration of logistics centers, and delivery truck drivers. It will also minimize potential errors during deliveries and reduce the process of document archiving. What is important, it will also influence the gradual reduction of the number of printed documents in the logistics processes of deliveries to outlets to the necessary minimum. The digitization of documents and the acceptance of goods using a scanner is a significant step from the franchisees’ point of view, because the process of receiving goods will be even faster and more efficient.

Paperless logistics is part of Żabka’s social responsibility. By using modern technologies in logistics, the chain can take even better care of the environment by saving energy, reducing carbon footprint and minimizing paper consumption. Thanks to electronic document flow in logistics alone, Żabka is able to save about 15 million sheets of paper a year.