The Office of Technical Inspection

Digitisation of the issuance of administrative decisions

Implementation of SimplySign at the Office of Technical Inspection.


Leader of Technical Inspection

The Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) is a state in-stitution controlling the safety of technical devices. It has a network of 10 field branches and 22 offices locat-ed throughout Poland. UDT has been continuing the tradition of Polish technical supervision, reaching over 100 years now, being at the same time a leader in in-novation of public security, thanks to the use of many modern IT tools.


Shortening the process of issuing administrative decisions

UDT conducts technical checks with the support of nearly 1,200 inspectors controlling both simple and complex industrial installations throughout the country. Based on the results of the checks, the inspectors issue administrative decisions allowing the use of the techni-cal equipment. The willingness to increase their comfort of work in the field and the need to shorten the process of issuing administrative decisions led UDT to seek a solution that would allow for a faster and more effective implementation of existing tasks. UDT wanted the new system to provide the inspectors with the possibility of remote authorization of protocols and decisions, while maintaining a high level of data security. The solution was also to be integrated with the portal, which is used for the communication with customers and providing them with efficient access to UDT’s full offer. UDT considered the solutions of Asseco to be the best to achieve this goal and in 2019 it signed an agree-ment with the company to implement Certum security and trust services, including the SimplySign qualified electronic signature and electronic seal.


Digitisation of documentation and electronic signature

The main objective of the project was to implement electronically-signed inspection documents. An impor-tant part of the project was to integrate the solutions with UDT’s IT environment, in particular with SIGMA - a mobile application for inspectors and the portal, through which customers were to have access to the post-control documentation. Asseco was also re-sponsible for the implementation of the signature and validation module together with the server electronic seal and their implementation in UDT’s specialized ap-plications.

The project’s further stage included the distribution of 1,200 qualified certificates to all UDT inspectors. This re-quired the verification of the identity of its future users, but the UDT inspectors working in the field only period-ically visited the branches and offices of UDT. Therefore, in order to streamline this process, a decision was made to create in each of UDT’s 10 branches and headquarters the Business Identity Confirmation desks (BPPT), with a person trained by Asseco issuing the electronic signa-tures. Training materials in the form of short videos were also developed.

The exceptional determination of UDT made the digital signature available to each of the inspectors within just two months. As a result, since March 2019, 12% decisions have been issued in electronic form. For 15 months from the start, their number has exceeded 100,000, each time replacing a few-page paper document. 

The innovation and unprecedented scale of the project in the public administration sector made it appreciated not only by clients but also by IT experts. Thanks to this, in 2020 it received a distinction in the „Best in Cloud” competition organized by the editors of the Comput-erworld magazine, in the category of „Best implemen-tation projects”.

The project was already completed in March 2019, just 3 months after the start of the implementation. It was exe-cuted by a team of 11 people, consisting of 6 experts from the IT Department of UDT and 5 from Asseco. Thanks to good cooperation and precisely defined needs of the office, the analysis, solution selection and implementation planning went very smoothly.

Key benefits

Facilitating and accelerating the work of UDT inspectors

  • qualified electronic signature for inspectors
  • full employee mobility and greater efficiency
  • significant acceleration the process of issuing post-control administrative decisions
  • e-documents available on the eUDT portal
  • reduction of paper handling costs
  • increasing customer interest in the eUDT portal

Project milestones

  • Analysis of customer needs and requirements.
  • Solution design and implementation.
  • Creation of 11 BPPTs and training of personnel.
  • Issuing qualified certificates to inspectors.
  • System launch.

Project in numbers

  • 2 months to issue all signatures
  • 3 months to implement the solution
  • ~10 minutes to deliver the decision to the client through the eUDT portal
  • 29 operators trained by Asseco
  • 32 locations covered by the UDT implementation
  • 1200 UDT inspectors using the mobile e-signature
  • 1500 clients receiving e-documents from UDT
  • 100k e-documents issued in 15 months
„The implementation of Asseco Data Systems’ mobile solutions in the UDT application environment has accelerated the digital transformation process of the entire organization. We are trying to expand the area of electronization into further important processes in the organization. Most of our employees now have a digital signature and it is from them that ideas about digital changes in the organization are coming out increasingly more often”

Piotr Majcherkiewicz, IT DepartmentDirector, UDT.

„The project carried out with UDT shows the multidimensional benefits of using an electronic signature. Owing to it, UDT confirms and uses only digital documents, which in a few minutes are sent to customers directly from the inspectors’ mobile devices. Savings on time and paper translate into UDT’s higher efficiency and, consequently, better service for institutions waiting for post-control decisions. We are proud to have co-created such a unique project in public administration and that we support UDT in becoming a leader in innovation”

Monika Juszczyńska, Account Manager, Security and Trust Services Division, Asseco Data Systems.