Qualified trust services, paperless solutions, and security certificates.

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As Europe's oldest and largest leading provider of trust services, Certum offers not only excellent products, but also expert support, know-how and years of experience in the fields of encryption, cybersecurity, trust services, paperless, digital document workflow, law, standards and technology standards.

Qualified trust services and paperless tools ecosystem

Certum is the largest certification center in Poland. It has already issued more than 1 million electronic signatures. It has introduced SimplySign, the first mobile e-signature in Poland, as well as a validation service for e-signatures and e-seals. It is a leader in the implementation of paperless processes and document digitisation.

Solutions to support the implementation of paperless

Learn about Certum's key trust services that will allow you to implement paperless processes in your organization.


Electronic signature

Sign documents digitally with a Certum qualified signature. Securely and conveniently. With the SimplySign mobile app or with a reader and card.


Electronic seal

Secure and authenticate company documents meeting the requirements of the European eIDAS regulation.



Use Poland's first qualified e-signature and e-seal validation service.


Qualified timestamp

Conveniently mark the date of creation of the e-document and protect it from forgery and antedating.


Electronic signature expertise

Certum experts will verify for you whether the document has been properly electronically signed.


Certum SSL

By using this security protocol, you are able to certify the authenticity of the domain and its owner, secure personal information, logins and passwords, credit card numbers and other customer data.


Certum Code Signing

By digitally signing applications, drivers and programs, you certify their authenticity, integrity and security.


Certum E-mail ID

With a unique signature and encryption feature, you protect the email you send from being leaked or modified.


National Identity Node

By implementing this certificate package, you will integrate with the National Electronic Identity Node.

Safety certificates

Data security on the Internet is essential. You'll ensure it for yourself and your customers with Certum certifications, which uphold digital security.

Dedicated paperless solutions

Using Certum's qualified trust services, you will build a paperless solution fullytailoredtoyour business needs.



Electronic document management platform using trust services.



Aggregator of different types of electronic signatures.


e-ID Hub

Integrates various methods of identifying an individual.



Qualified digital registered letter mailing service.


Contact and contactless readers

You can connect contact or contactless card readers (e-signature, e-card, ticketing, loyalty programs) to USB or USB-C ports.


Cryptographic reader cards

Durable and efficient, offered in multiple standards, Certum cards will fit your needs and give you a high level of security.


Źródło application management kit

With the Certum card and reader, you will gain secure access to the Źródło system and speed up the handling of official matters.


CEPiK 2.0 communication kit

The cryptoCertum kit is certified by the Center for Certification and Key Generation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. With it, you will obtain authorisation when working with the CEPiK SI.


Card and reader protection

Protect your readers and cards from damage or destruction with aesthetically pleasing and durable protective cases.

Cards, readers, accessories

Certum offers more than 20 card and reader models with accessories. You can tailor them to your needs, easily install and get them up and running.

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Largest sales network for paperless solutions

Individual telephone support

Presence on trusted lists of paperless suppliers: eIDAS Trusted List | Adobe Approved Trust List

Online support always available

International certifications WebTrustSM/TM | TÜV Informationstechnik

Co-creation of standards: PKN | PIIT | Cloud Signature Consortium.

Why choose paperless systems from Certum?

  • Services available on 6 continents
  • 20 years of experience
  • Largest certification center in Poland
  • Technical infrastructure located in the EU
  • In-house data center available 99.9% of the time
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