Smart parking zone for 2,200 vehicles

Implementation of the Metropolis.ISPP system in Rzeszów


Rzeszów with a smart parking zone in the city center

The Rzeszów City Hall is a public administration unit responsible for, among other things, public safety and order, education, transportation and environmental protection. The city authorities also put great emphasis on improving the quality of life of its nearly 200,000 residents and developing its infrastructure. It is thanks to past investments in Smart City solutions that Rzeszów has earned the title of the Capital of Innovation.


Increased convenience and comfort of residents in the paid parking zone

Rzeszów is growing rapidly and attracting more and more tourists every year. With 176,000 cars registered in the city and another 144,000 entering the city every day, it faces increasing traffic, traffic jams, improper parking, and rising emissions. It is also a city that is friendly to its residents, so in order to increase their comfort, it decided to implement modern tools to upgrade the paid parking zone of nearly 3,500 parking spaces. Rzeszów authorities were looking for a solution that would not only make it easier for drivers to find a parking space quickly, but also to improve the management of the zone. For this complex project, they chose Asseco Data Systems, a leader in Smart City solutions in Poland. The company was responsible for implementing the Metropolis.ISPP Intelligent Paid Parking System.


Efficient parking monitoring with neural networks and e-Parking mobile app

The implementation of Metropolis.ISPP in Rzeszów was the first on this scale, such an innovative project in Poland and one of the few in Europe. It assumed that data on parking occupancy would be collected around the clock in the field and sent for analysis using neural networks in the Surveillance Center system at the headquarters of the Municipal Administration of Markets and Parking (MATiP). It was to be obtained from cameras and sensors detecting parked vehicles, and then displayed in real time on VMS message boards in the parking zone and the e-Parking mobile app.

The video surveillance system, which covers 2,200 parking spaces, required the installation of 338 cameras, 305 magnetic-radar sensors, 10 VMS information boards with connections to power and ICT networks in the very center of Rzeszów. In addition to the construction of a new parking metering infrastructure, it was also necessary to modernise the city's Data Processing Center to ensure efficient and reliable operation of the system. All elements of the solution were connected by a new fiber-optic network, and about 12 kilometers of new electrical and teletechnical conduit will facilitate future high-speed connections of city facilities and the construction of further IT systems.

As part of the project, Asseco also provided the e-Parking mobile app, available for users of Android and iOS phones. It is a great convenience for drivers and informs them, for example, about the number of available spaces and the cost of parking. It displays directions and allows cashless payment for parking. Through it, users can also send reports on such issues as the operation of parking meters and signs, breakdowns or improperly parked vehicles.

The system was launched on 20 December 2021, after 25 months of work by 20 Asseco experts. The implementation was carried out as part of the 'Expansion of the public transport system in Rzeszów' project.

Key benefits

Safety and convenience of residents and ecology at the same time

  • Creation of a smart parking zone in the city center
  • Reduced car traffic
  • Reduced exhaust fumes and improved air quality
  • Larger monitored area and greater security for residents
  • Comfort and time savings for drivers
  • Updated information on the location and availability of parking spots
  • Improved operation of city services

Project milestones

  • Conduct a detailed analysis and prepare documentation.
  • Construction of new parking metering infrastructure.
  • Modernize the city's data center and implement Metropolis.ISPP.
  • Testing and launch of the solution.
  • Maintenance and development of the solution.

Project in numbers

  • 12 km of new fiber optic network
  • 388 cameras monitoring the parking zone
  • 305 parking sensors
  • 20 Asseco experts
  • 25 months of project duration
  • 10 new parking information boards
  • 2200 smart parking spaces
A mobile app plays an important role in this project. Residents who download it to their devices will gain access to navigation and information about the location of free parking spaces at any given time. With ongoing updates, the data is always displayed in real time, which guarantees the high speed of the entire process. This solution will streamline traffic, especially during rush hours, when the availability of free spaces changes very quickly. In addition, the app allows paying for parking and notifies when the parking time is up

Jerzy Tabin, Director of the Municipal Administration of Markets and Parking in Rzeszów

The innovative paid parking zone monitoring system implemented by Asseco Data Systems brings many benefits to Rzeszów residents. Thanks to it, they can find a parking space faster and more conveniently, which will reduce car traffic and emissions. In addition, the camera surveillance system increases the level of security, and the collected data allows us to efficiently manage the paid parking zone. I am glad that together with Asseco we are implementing another successful Smart City project in Rzeszów and improving the quality of life in the city

Konrad Fijołek, Mayor of the City of Rzeszów

The Metropolis.ISPP Paid Parking System provides an opportunity to expand in the wider scope the functioning of Rzeszów, fitting into the idea of a Smart City. This extremely complex project has shown that we have the right competence and experience in the implementation of projects that are innovative and difficult to implement in the urban structure, but which are to support cities in their development and contribute to a better quality of life for their residents

Robert Kobylański, Vice President of Asseco Data Systems

The expansion of the paid parking zone in Rzeszów is a unique Smart City project. In addition to metering and monitoring, we built a data transmission system between the Surveillance Center and all elements of the solution. We also modernised the infrastructure of the server room, and a fiber-optic network infrastructure was created in the center of Rzeszów that will facilitate the implementation of fast and stable network connections between other city facilities

Piotr Strzelec, Sales Director, Smart City Division, Asseco Data Systems