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The Metropolis platform helps meet the modern challenges facing urban centers and supports them in achieving the Smart City status. It allows the construction of a smart city that, thanks to modern technologies, cares about the comfort of its residents, sustainable development and protects the environment.

It supports the management of public and individual transportation, solves the problem of lack of parking spots, and automates the collection of fees for the use of city services.

It performs tasks in accordance with the ISO ISO371 standard for Smart City, which defines a comprehensive set of 100 indicators necessary to measure and control the level of development of a smart city in social, economic and environmental terms. Enables the use of IoT, GIS, BigData, OpenDataAPI data, solutions and technologies.

Metropolis platform for the smart city Learn about your benefits:


Full security

Supports effective enforcement of regulations increasing safety for residents and order on streets and parking lots.


Greater efficiency

It automates processes and facilitates cooperation with other units, increasing the efficiency of officials and employees of city companies.


Innovative services

It allows for efficient and rapid implementation of new and innovative key city services.


Satisfaction of residents

It improves the quality of many aspects of residents' lives, including safety, ecology and transportation, among other things.

Unleash the potential of the Smart City

Explore the Metropolis modules and see how they can improve your city's operations.

Public and individual transport

Efficient, clean and economical transportation is essential for any smart city. Find out how to build it.

Paid parking zones

Growing number of cars in your city? Find out how to solve the parking problem with the help of technology and data.

City Card

Promote public transportation! See your opportunities to develop public transportation.

The module enables management of the City Card system in registered or bearer variant. It is a key element in the provision of city services providing the city with security and efficiency, as well as convenience for users. It supports two types of system architecture:

  • Card-Based – the city card is a carrier of public transport entitlements (tickets, points, IPE), powered by a prepaid model.
  • ID Based – each user has an account in the system, and the secure ID can be stored on a city card, payment card, NFC device or in a mobile app. Access to services is billed on a post-paid model.

An indispensable part of the system are dedicated mobile applications and web portals, through which residents can easily access their account and have a full view of their authorisations and transaction history.

See how the model works in practice! ŚKUP – Silesian Public Services Card.

Measurement of environmental quality

For residents of a smart city, a healthy environment is important. The use of data and technology will help achieve this.

The module allows the acquisition, analysis and presentation of data on factors responsible for the formation of smog in agglomerations.

The data is collected from Internet of Things solutions, such as weather stations and multiple sensors measuring noise, light intensity or soil moisture. The data is supplemented with time-stamping and location, enabling spatial analysis and mapping of smog, noise or CO2 emissions, as well as obtaining trend and regression information to predict how the situation in the city will develop.

Provides a number of tools for in-depth analysis, and supports the city's strategy to prevent and combat smog, excessive noise, carbon dioxide emissions. Allows control of harmful factors and contributes to their reduction, thus improving the living comfort of residents.

Variable message boards

Inform the residents using screens anywhere in the city, even inside public transportation vehicles.

The module allows you to manage the information presented on electronic boards located in urban space – stops, stations or inside public transportation vehicles.

In addition, the boards can, in selected groups of vehicles providing public transportation, present information to passengers about current travel times, expected delays or obstructions.

Central management of the network of boards supports the planning and execution of a consistent information policy in the city. It also enables messages to reach residents instantly, if necessary.

Video surveillance

Security is the foundation of smart city development. Create it by combining monitoring technologies with data analysis.

The module allows the presentation and analysis of data from city video surveillance. It provides automatic detection of threats and unwanted events and monitoring of operating parameters of individual devices, e.g., cameras, sensors, vending machines, their collection and subsequent analysis. It also allows easy integration with the Smart Lighting subsystem.

Multidimensional analysis of surveillance data enables the planning of the city's security strategy, mapping of selected threats and allows for real-time response to incidents and events. It is an excellent tool for preventing and combating dangerous phenomena, thus contributing to an increased sense of security among residents.

Smart Lighting

Concern for the environment requires an effective management of energy consumption. See how to do it based on lighting data.

The module allows management of the lighting zone, analysis and presentation of key indicators related to power consumption, light intensity, and infrastructure reliability.

It allows for:

  • effective monitoring of lighting performance,
  • remote management of lighting elements,
  • collecting other parameters from sensors installed on lighting elements (cameras, weather stations).

The use of the system makes it possible to achieve significant financial savings associated with the operation of modern lighting zones in the city. In turn, the use of data analytics translates into the optimisation of the budget and improvement of the comfort of living in the city.

Travel Guide

All the attractions of your city in a mobile app for tourists and residents. And much more!

The Metropolis Tourist Guide mobile app allows visitors to explore city's attractions from a different angle than classic travel guides.

It uses beacons, which are small bluetooth transmitters that are managed through the Metropolis platform. It allows intuitive addition of new beacons, changing their location and managing the content sent to the mobile application. An additional Parking module will direct usage to a parking zone, and the Incidents module will enable reporting of an incident or failure.

The use of a mobile app makes it possible to offer an innovative and engaging attraction for tourists and residents to learn about the most interesting places on the city map.

Choose the Metropolis and gain:

  • Intuitiveness and ease of use
  • Access via mobile app
  • Data security
  • Substantive support
  • Personalisation of the solution
  • Analysis and exchange of information

Implement smart city solutions – how you want them!

The platform is available in three models. Choose the best one for your smart city.

  • cloud-based – among others, using the Asseco Cloud
  • on the premises – on in-house infrastructure, with support in selection and configuration from Asseco Data Systems
  • hybrid – using the Asseco Cloud in combination with individually configured in-house infrastructure
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Trusted Economy Forum 2023: trust is key in sports and business

Rzeszów with the Smart City title

Interactive Cultural Institution "Rzeszów Cellars" in multimedia form with support of Asseco

Asseco has implemented an intelligent parking system in Rzeszów

Asseco receives Smart City Poland Award

Asseco is the partner of Smart City Forum

Asseco will implement the first smart city parking system

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What people are saying about us

The innovative monitoring system for the paid parking zone brings many benefits to Rzeszów. Residents will be able to find a parking space faster, which will reduce car traffic and thus emissions in the city center. The camera surveillance system will raise the level of security, and the data collected on the system will allow to manage and optimise the functioning of the zone on an ongoing basis.

Tadeusz Ferenc
Mayor of the City of Rzeszów

By implementing another innovative project with Asseco, Rzeszów is strengthening its position as a leader in the smart city solutions market, of which we are very proud. The new project has contributed to greater convenience for our residents using public transportation.

Marek Ustrobiński
Vice Mayor of the City of Rzeszów

Paying with a contactless card is a standard these days and a huge convenience for people who do not carry cash and make virtually all transactions with it. Now it will be possible in Tychy's buses and trolleybuses. We want this to be a standard in our transportation, which is why we are working on this solution in connection with the planned global modernisation of the APC system.

Jacek Brzezinka
Member of the Management Board of the Upper Silesian and Zagłębie Metropolis

Metropolis platform for the smart city Learn about your benefits:

Leader in the smart city solutions

technological support
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