Asseco is the partner of Smart City Forum

June 19, 2020

An open payment system in urban transport, smart bus stops or paperless in the office were the main subjects of 11th edition of the Smart City Forum. Asseco Data Systems experts: Robert Kobylański, Vice-President of the Management Board and Paweł Sokołowski, Business Development Director in the Smart City Division were one of the speakers. The event was held on June 15-16 as the e-conference.The development of cities is a constant change and needs adaptation to new needs. The recipe for success in implementing Smart City presented by Paweł Sokołowski, was based on the example of projects implemented in the last 5 years in Rzeszów.

The construction of Smart City in Rzeszów began with the mobility of residents, said the Asseco expert. The launch of the Rzeszów Intelligent Transport System was based on the cooperation of key units: the Municipal Roads Authority, the Public Transport Authority and solution providers. When preparing for the project, Rzeszów drew on the experience of other cities, while adding an element of innovation and adapting solutions to its needs. In addition, during the implementation, the achieved results of the project and their impact on the city's ecosystem were constantly analyzed, which allowed the city of Rzeszów to develop very good practices - said Paweł Sokołowski, Business Development Director in the Smart City Division, Asseco Data Systems.

Another example of a successful implementation of Smart City solutions is the Silesian Public Services Card (ŚKUP), which is a joint communication project of the municipalities included in the Metropolis GZM.

ŚKUP is a project implemented for the largest metropolis in Poland in 2015 The card has been used since then, to identify the clients at the office or to place an electronic signature. In addition, it is a tool for non-cash payments in administration units, cultural and sports centers and project partners. It is used to pay for parking. However, it is primarily an electronic ticket recognized throughout the agglomeration - said Paweł Sokołowski, Business Development Director in the Smart City Division, Asseco Data Systems.

Another city that joined the ŚKUP project this year was Tychy, where for the first time in Poland, a contactless payment system with a payment card in the MTT / PaYG model (Mass Transit Transaction / Pay as You Go) was implemented in public transport buses.

The solution we have implemented is successfully operating in London, among others. The open payment system in urban transport is the direction in which cities focused on the development and improvement of urban transport systems will follow. The solution that we implemented in Tychy connects to ŚKUP using the universal OpenAPI, and the management system itself operates in the cloud model - said Robert Kobylański, Member of the Management Board of Asseco Data Systems.

The solution implemented in Tychy was appreciated by the jury of the Smart City Forum Competition. It awarded cities that significantly contributed to the promotion of solutions for the creating Smart Cities in Poland. The project won in the category: Smart City over 500 thousand habitants.