Automatic e-sealing

July 26, 2023

Qualified electronic seal is a trust servicefor securing documents such as company and official documents. Asseco offers itin a machine-to-machine (M2M) component, thanks to which it is possible toautomatically seal documents. The solution has been provided by Iron Mountain,in cooperation with Asseco.

Automatic document sealing significantly speeds up and simplifies the document circulation process. For companies, this is especially important in the case of a large number of digital files, such as in companies with high staffing levels. Such organizations generate a large number of HR documents that need to be sealed. The service offered by Iron Mountain makes it possible to seal them compliantly and automatically, among other things. This is possible thanks to Asseco's solution, which consists of the qualified electronic seal along with the machine-to-machine (M2M) component to automate the process and the Signature Format Service (SFS) gateway to maintain the confidentiality of sealed documents and achieve the expected efficiency. This comprehensive solution ensures the implementation of seals in the PAdES format. It also complies with the eIDAS regulation (the EU's Electronic Identification and Trust Services Regulation) and allows handling 1 MB file per second. It is worth noting that such a speed is unattainable when marking documents with electronic signatures. Companies using digital document workflow are increasingly aware of this, hence the growing interest in this solution. In addition, in the case of digitizing paper documentation, marking it with a qualified electronic seal makes them compliant with current regulations already at the initial stage of transformation.

Digitization and automation of workflows streamlines business operations and increases cost efficiency. HR is one of the areas of a company's operations where these benefits can be felt the most. It is worth noting that employee e-files are not reserved only for large companies. They are also applicable to smaller entities, where they give a sense of exercising full control over employee documents.

Digitization of document workflow, where documents are automatically sealed, is not a difficult process, said Paulina Dzwonkowska, Key Account Manager, Asseco Data Systems. However, it requires cooperation with a proven vendor that selects the right solutions and components for the client's needs, and then supports a smooth implementation, she added.

The end-to-end electronic sealing service using the M2M component and the SFS gateway can be used as part of solutions offered by Asseco's partners, such as Iron Mountain’s functionalities.