Asseco will implement the first smart city parking system

November 7, 2019

Rzeszów will be the first Polish city to introduce video monitoring of the number of free parking spaces. The entire paid parking zone will be covered by a system that collects and analyses data on the vehicles parked there. Information on the number of free spaces will be made available through interactive boards and a mobile application for residents. Such an innovative solution is used in only a few European cities. The value of the project implemented by Asseco Data Systems is PLN 14.7 million.   

Smooth parking in the center is a challenge for most Polish cities. The authorities of the city of Rzeszów decided to implement a technologically advanced system that will smooth traffic in the paid parking zone and reduce the time needed to find a free parking space.

Cameras, sensors and neural networks placed in the area covered by the street zone will collect and analyze data on cars parked there around the clock. Information about free spaces will be transferred to interactive information boards located in the paid parking zone and through a mobile application available to the residents. It will also be integrated with external applications allowing payment of parking fees.

"The innovative monitoring system for the paid parking zone is a great benefit for Rzeszów. Residents will find a parking space faster, which will reduce car traffic and thus the emissions in the city center. The camera system will increase the level of security, and the data collected will allow to manage and optimize the functioning of the zone on an ongoing basis"  - said Tadeusz Ferenc, Mayor of the City of Rzeszów.

"Expansion of the paid parking zone in Rzeszów is a unique smart city project. Apart from the metering and monitoring system, we will also build a data transmission system, which will be a relay between the Supervision Center and all elements of the system, and we will modernize the Data Processing Center. What is very important, a fiber-optic network infrastructure, using the existing LMDS and MESH networks, will be built in the center of Rzeszów which will enable future connections with other urban facilities. The capital city of Podkarpacie Region will thus be the first city in Poland to use MESH 5G technology" - said Paweł Sokołowski, Smart City Development Director at Asseco Data Systems.

The system of intelligent monitoring of the Paid Parking Zone in Rzeszów will be launched in 2021.