Asseco has implemented an intelligent parking system in Rzeszów

December 20, 2021


Rzeszów is the first Polish city to introduce hybrid monitoring of free parking spaces. Paid parking zone is covered by a system that collects and analyzes data on availability and possibility of parking vehicles. Information about the number of free spaces is made available on interactive boards and via a mobile application. In addition, the city's optical fiber network has been extended. The value of the contract, co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund, Operational Programme Eastern Poland 2014-2020, is PLN 14.7 million. The innovative system implemented by Asseco Data Systems, as decided by the city authorities of Rzeszów, will have a positive impact on the movement of individual vehicles in the paid parking zone, reduce the time needed to park and, consequently, make financial savings related to the ever-growing costs of vehicle operation. It will also contribute to reducing pollutant emissions and improve safety in public spaces.

We now have the most modern paid parking zone monitoring system in Poland, which will improve traffic in the center of Rzeszów. Thanks to mobile application or interactive boards, drivers will find free spaces faster and save time. We will increase safety in the city center and, what is very important, reduce the amount of exhaust fumes - said Konrad Fijołek, Mayor of Rzeszów.

The Smart System for Paid Parking Zone Metropolis.ISPP covers approximately 2200 parking spaces. Artificial intelligence elements based on neural networks analyzing images of parking spaces from fixed cameras and data from parking space occupancy sensors will be used for occupancy detection. Information on free spaces will be presented on interactive VMS information boards located in the paid parking zone and via the E-PARKING mobile application.

A mobile app also plays an important role in this project. Residents who download it to their devices will gain access to navigation and information about the location of free parking spaces at any given time. Thanks to the current update, the data is always in real time, which guarantees the speed and safety of the whole process. This solution will streamline traffic, especially during rush hours, when the availability of free parking spaces changes very quickly. Moreover, the application allows to pay for parking and reminds about the end of parking time - emphasizes Jerzy Tabin, Director of Municipal Administration of Marketplaces and Parking in Rzeszów.

The mobile application will provide quick access to information about the costs and hours of operation of the zone and allow for remote payment of parking fees, contributing to COVID prevention as we use our own phone. Users of the app will have the ability to report damages, failures of the parking zone infrastructure, inappropriate behavior of other parking users, thus improving the operation of city services.

"In Rzeszów, the city of innovation, we have introduced another world-class technological solution. The Smart System for Paid Parking Zone Metropolis.ISPP is a modern tool which not only monitors the occupancy of parking spaces, but also increases safety by making the parking zone a supervised parking lot. The system gives the possibility of expansion in a wider range of functioning of the City of Rzeszów, being a part of the SmartCity idea. This highly complex project has proved that we possess adequate competence and experience to execute innovative and difficult-to-implement urban projects in order to support the city's development and contribute to a better quality of life for its inhabitants, commented Andrzej Dopierała, President of the Management Board of Asseco Data Systems S.A.

What is very important, within the framework of the project, in the center of Rzeszów an optical fiber network infrastructure has been created, which in the future will facilitate the execution of fast network connections of city facilities and the construction of subsequent IT systems.