Rzeszów with the Smart City title

June 20, 2022

The city of Rzeszów has been distinguished in the "Smart City Awards" competition in the "Smart City up to 300,000 residents" category. The jury appreciated the involvement of the capital of Podkarpacie in the implementation of this idea. In the justification, it mentioned, among others, the smart parking system implemented in cooperation with Asseco. The award ceremony was part of this year's Smart City Forum, the largest congress in Poland dedicated to the operation and development of intelligent cities. Rzeszów is the first Polish city to introduce hybrid monitoring of free parking spaces. It is the largest, successfully completed project of this type in the country. The Intelligent System for Paid Parking "Metropolis.ISPP" was used for its implementation. The solution covers the paid parking zone and collects and analyzes data on the availability and possibility of parking vehicles. Information about the number of free spaces is made available on interactive panels and via the mobile "E-Parking" application. The application allows drivers to select their destination from a continuously updated map and navigate to currently available parking spaces. In addition, they can use the application to pay for parking.

The "Metropolis.ISPP intelligent Paid Parking System contributes to the reduction of car traffic associated with the search for parking spaces, thereby reducing pollution and traffic jams - said Piotr Strzelec, Sales Director at the Smart City Division, Asseco Data Systems. The system covers approximately 2.5 thousand parking spaces. It uses artificial intelligence mechanisms that analyze the images of parking areas and data from parking space occupancy sensors based on neural networks via cameras, he added.

The Smart City Awards competition aims to popularize solutions for building smart cities in Poland. The awards are addressed both to representatives of the business sector and local administration who, through the projects implemented using innovative solutions and management strategies, contribute to increasing the competitiveness of Polish cities, economy and business.For more about Smart City solutions, please see: https://adsold.assecods.pl/oferta/smart-city/