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LEO 4 – your partner in lease contract management

LEO 4 system for leasing is used for modern, efficient and comprehensive fleet, product and contract management. It is an intuitive-to-use, advanced software for the leasing industry no matter the size, profile or portfolio. The LEO system supports the management of both high-volume transactions and complex leases and loans in any currency. With the latest version of LEO 4, you will revolutionise your existing work and gain a competitive edge.

Choose LEO 4 regardless of the subject of the financing:

  • real estate,
  • cars,
  • agricultural machinery,
  • medical equipment:
  • office equipment,
  • computers. 

Discover the ecosystem of LEO modules

You will gain a comprehensive tool to manage leasing contracts, financing, and fleets of vehicles with full regulatory compliance. You will expand your offer, effectively estimate risks and increase business efficiency.

LEO CMS (Contract Management System)

Lease contract management

A system for the operating departments of leasing companies that provides comprehensive support for contracts. LEO CMS allows you to manage many specialised processes and tailor the solution to the individual needs of leasing companies, regardless of their profile or size. It enables, among other things, collection, evaluation of the customer as well as the transaction, object, and the collateral, and the import and export of data, as well as automation of many activities and processes.

LEO WEB LSP (LEO Sales Point)

Supporting the work of the sales representative

A browser-based application for a sales representatives – salesperson, dealer or agent. With access to calculation models from a central database, it allows a quote to be generated and sent to the customer and headquarters electronically. Web LEO Sales Point is also used to process transactions and manage your own portfolio of contractors and contracts. It simplifies and increases work efficiency and makes it easier for management to monitor results.

LEO Calc Engine

Calculation of leasing products

Software that enables valuation of financing, maintenance, services, promotions, subsidies, management or car fleet services. It supports the creation of currency calculators, zloty calculators and calculation of the effective interest rate (ESP).

LEO GL (General Ledger)

Management of financial and accounting departments

The application ensures the execution of accounting operations, and also facilitates the preparation of necessary reports. An additional advantage of LEO GL is its full integration with LEO CMS and LEO CFM systems at the database level, which allows for one-time entry and automatic posting. The system allows free definition of the chart of accounts, the number of accounting document types used, posting journals, defined balance sheets, profit and loss accounts or VAT registers. It meets international reporting standards – International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the requirements of the Accounting Act.

LEO SFA (Stock for Agents) with webSFA application

Stock financing and factoring management

The tool supports stock financing and factoring. Thanks to its proprietary AWL technology (ADH WorkFlow Logic), it provides the ability to implement virtually any business process, in effect offering a flexible application, open to changes dictated by the business needs of the market and the customer.All operations in the LEO SFA system are carried out on the basis of a defined workflow, which allows you to precisely determine their sequence and assign them to individual process parties.


Assessing contract risks

Software designed to process contracts that did not meet the assumptions of automatic transaction analysis. The main task of the application is to search for and take over applications for the analyst's evaluation and to edit them: change the characteristics of the counterparty, enter financial results, current rating, possible relationships and to performScoring & Rating analysis. The system provides information about the counterparty's data, transaction parameters and their harmfulness, and leased objects along with an automatically calculated rating.

LEO CFM (Car Fleet Management)

Car fleet management

Software for leasing, which provides a set of tools for fleet management, leasing, and short-term or long-term rental. It provides support in the areas of insurance, vehicle damage settlement, maintenance inspections and repairs, as well as replacement cars, tire replacement and fuel cards. In addition, it has been enriched with all the facilities of LEO CMS.

Learn more about the benefits you gain with LEO System 4

  • Comprehensive contract management
  • Automate and increase productivity
  • Save time and reduce errors
  • Ensure data quality and consistency
  • Get a full view of the operators' activities
  • Improve information security
  • Increase sales
  • Improve the quality of customer service

Use the best system for leasing
from Asseco

Effective work organisation

The system continually points workers to tasks to be performed at the Action Center. It is the job that is looking for the man – not the man for the job.

Automation of bulk operations

The system performs cyclic tasks and operations by itself, taking the burden off the users

New accounting

Finance and accounting module meets the latest standards of accounting work

New interface

Created from the ground up, the design enhances the convenience and ergonomics of working with the system

Process design

Allows business users to create their own workflow between modules

Integration ready

The use of APIs makes it easy to connect to external databases and third-party systems

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Our key strengths are our 25 years of experience, comprehensive offer and expert technological and industry knowledge. We understand the challenges of fleet management and the needs of the leasing industry. Our customers appreciate this, and every one of them has been with us for 20 years. Our system is already operating in 8 European countries and is available in three language versions PL, EN, CZ.

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