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University 3.0 – software for

Comprehensive IT systems for universities, whether small, medium or large

University 3.0 by Asseco is a suite of state-of-the-art IT systems for higher education that can be easily adapted to the needs of any university. The comprehensive set of tools enables support of education, recruitment of candidates and career development of students and graduates. It also allows the management of administrative processes.

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Modern teaching

We provide innovative educational solutions for effective and modern student education.


Asseco's educational platform

  • It allows teaching in an online or hybrid format.
  • Facilitates and supports stationary classes.
  • Allows for exam sessions.

Foreign language teaching system

  • Enables students to learn English.
  • It has a rich database of exercises and multimedia materials.
  • It can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet and computer.

VR Simulators System

  • It offers a modern and attractive learning environment.
  • It trains in the following areas: medicine, forensics, architecture, technology.
  • Enables improvement of practical skills.

Recruitment system for universities

  • Supports the acquisition of candidates for all majors.
  • Allows online communication with applicants.
  • Allows recruiters to monitor and analyse the process.

System for Career Offices

  • Provides management of the services of the Academic Career Office.
  • It supports students and graduates in their careers.
  • Provides assistance to employers in recruiting professional staff.

Recruitment and development.

We offer tools to attract candidates and support graduates at the beginning of their careers.

Effective management

We provide IT systems for universities to effectively manage, streamline and accelerate administrative processes.


Human capital management system

  • Allows you to conduct staff recruitment.
  • Allows employees to communicate and share knowledge.
  • Facilitates planning, conducting and reviewing development activities.

Document workflow system

  • Supports the university's electronic document workflow.
  • It streamlines the daily work of all employees.
  • Enables remote working, thanks to browser access.

Dean's Office system

  • Supports administrative and management areas at universities.
  • It provides unified procedures and remote access to data.
  • Allows electronic handling of all students.

Library system

  • Allows management of digital and traditional collections.
  • Supports the work of librarians in developing the book collection.
  • Allows students and staff to use resources.

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Collaborate with the best. Choose the software for universities from Asseco and gain:

  • High scalability and access for small, medium and large universities.
  • Convenient selection of modules according to the needs of the university.
  • Easy operation of the system from a web browser and 24/7 access.
  • High level of security of collected and processed data.
  • Integration with Office365 and CAS/AD authorization services.
  • Increased content accessibility through WCAG compliance.
  • Personalised system interface in Polish and English.
  • Additional training package (on-site or online) for university employees.
  • Flexible deployment model – in the cloud or on the university's infrastructure.
  • Nationally located service center.

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Among our clients there are already 50 educational facilities in Poland, for whom we have implemented more than 100 projects! See which universities have opted for the University 3.0 system

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