aHCM (Asseco HumanCapital Management) system

A comprehensive, integrated solution to support HR processes in an organisation.

aHCM (Asseco HumanCapital Management) system

Support the entire life cycle of an employee in the organisation

aHCM is the first HCM (Human Capital Management) system in Poland and one of the few in the world that comprehensively supports management boards, HR teams and employees in the implementation of human capital management processes in organisations.

aHCM (Asseco Human Capital Management) streamlines the process of recruitment and selection of candidates and adaptation of employees. It includes dedicated diagnostic tools and tests to design and conduct employee evaluations. It supports the planning, conduct and verification of development activities. Ensures effective communication and knowledge sharing within the organisation.

Discover the functionalities of the aHCM System and efficiently manage human capital in your organisation

Learn about the dedicated tools that our system provides and gain support in the implementation of the four main HCM (Human Capital Management) processes in your organisation.


Recruitment and implementation of employees:

  • Describing individual jobs.
  • Planning and implementation of recruitment projects.
  • Selection of candidates in recruitment projects.
  • Defining and implementing recruitment projects.
  • CandidateExperience survey.

Employee competence and performance management:

  • Competency planning for positions, teams and organisations.
  • Designing and conducting periodic evaluations.
  • Identifying competency gaps and monitoring competencies in the organisation.
  • Setting goals/tasks for employees.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the achievement of goals/tasks.

Conducting training and implementing employee development activities:

  • Researching needs and planning training and development activities.
  • Creating and providing e-learning training, educational materials.
  • Organising on-site, hybrid and online training.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of training and development activities.
  • Assessing and verifying employees' professional potential.

Effective communication and cooperation:

  • Providing employees with a modern Intranet, including documents, regulations and instructions.
  • Publishing announcements and newsletters.
  • Organising online conferences and meetings.
  • Building and disseminating the knowledge base.

The aHCM system includes dedicated tools and an open set of ready-made developments with the possibility to modify or completely replace them

A comprehensive competency model.

  • It has been developed since 1996 and is now used in more than 400 organisations and enterprises.
  • A set of a minimum of 30 competencies broken down into personal, social and managerial competencies.
  • Competency scales to interpret the evaluation results required to give feedback to the employee.
  • Defined developmental guidelines for each competency.
  • Competency test to test each competency from the model.

Model employee evaluation processes.

  • Competency assessment from 90 to 360 degrees.
  • Assessment of goal achievement.
  • Cumulative assessment – the price of competencies along with an assessment of the achievement of goals.
  • Competency assessment through online Development Center tools.

Digitisation of HR processes, thanks to the aHCM (Human Capital Management from Asseco) system

Choose the Human Capital Management system from Asseco – Leader of Digitisation in Poland. Flexibly and quickly respond to changes in your company's HR processes. Check out what you will gain by implementing a professional HR system:


Use a solution implemented for dozens of organisations.


Implement all soft HR processes in one tool.


Use a competency model, diagnostic tools and a ready-made collection of studies.


Select only those areas of functionality that you currently need.


Benefit from Asseco's expertise in organising HR processes.


Grant access only to authorised users or groups.


Use the ability to handle HR processes in 4 languages: Polish, English, German and Russian.


Reduce paper consumption and take care of the environment.

Get support from a proven supplier

Implement a professional HR system with us – Asseco Human Capital Management. Deciding to cooperate with Asseco, you get:

  • a comprehensive service with parameterisation, integration and development capabilities,
  • a guarantee of security and continuity of processes,
  • on-site or online training for employees,
  • access to solutions based on the latest technologies,
  • customised service levels (including 24/7),
  • nationally located service center.

See who is already using Asseco's aHCM (Human Capital Management) system

Among others:

Asseco Poland
Veolia Group
MTU Aero Engines
EME Aero

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