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Resident Portal – Miasto365 is an electronic platform for communication with residents. It provides eServices in the official matters such as e-Taxes in the city. It allows to effectively manage the city and create a space for cooperation. It positively influences the integration of the local community by, among other things, voting on the civic budget. The Miasto365 resident communication portal is adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

Learn about the Miasto365 resident communication platform

Find out what modules you need. E-taxes in a municipality? E-taxes in a city? Integrate them with the systems you use in the office.

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What will your office gain?

  • Manage multiple issues in one place.
  • Increase budget revenues from city taxes and fees.
  • Ability to raise funds from other sources (e.g., advertising).
  • Getting to know the opinions of portal users through surveys.
  • A tool for continuous expansion with more eServices in the office.
  • E-taxes in the municipality, e-taxes in the city.
  • Save time by communicating with residents online.
  • Close contact with residents and getting to know their needs in the participatory budget, among other things.
  • Building the community and increasing resident involvement.

What do residents gain?

  • They gain a tool with which to communicate with the city.
  • They handle official matters online.
  • They have insight into the status of submitted applications.
  • They pay taxes and other dues online.
  • They vote online in the participatory budget.
  • They have one account for multiple eServices.
  • They are informed about events in the city.
  • They integrate with other residents.

Opt for convenience and choose Miasto365.pl


Full access to the portal after confirming identity with the Trusted Profile, ePUAP or via social media.


Faster service to residents and real savings through electronic documentation.


Integration with various systems and customisation for each city.


Highest standard of security in serving residents through encrypted connections.


Handling multiple cases, speeding up the work of officials and reducing the occurrence of errors.


Remote handling of issues in different cities and between different units.

City managers about us:

The innovative monitoring system for the paid parking zone brings many benefits to Rzeszów. Residents will be able to find a parking space faster, which will reduce car traffic and thus emissions in the city center. The camera surveillance system will raise the level of security, and the data collected on the system will allow to manage and optimise the functioning of the zone on an ongoing basis.

Tadeusz Ferenc
Prezydent Miasta Rzeszowa

By implementing another innovative project with Asseco, Rzeszów is strengthening its position as a leader in the smart city solutions market, of which we are very proud. The new project has contributed to greater convenience for our residents using public transportation.

Marek Ustrobiński
Wiceprezydent Miasta Rzeszowa

Paying with a contactless card is a standard these days and a huge convenience for people who do not carry cash and make virtually all transactions with it. Now it will be possible in Tychy's buses and trolleybuses. We want this to be a standard in our transportation, which is why we are working on this solution in connection with the planned global modernisation of the APC system.

Jacek Brzezinka
Członek Zarządu Metropolii Górnośląsko-Zagłębiowskiej

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