Asseco has implemented a civic budget management system at the Zabrze City Hall

January 2, 2022


Asseco, in cooperation with the Zabrze City Hall, has provided a system for handling the civic budget in the 2022 and 2023 editions. The system allows the citizens to submit online applications and vote remotely on selected projects. This solution is one of the modules of the Miasto365 (City365) e-services platform offered by Asseco.

The system supports the entire process of handling the civic budget - from submitting and selecting proposals, through the stage of verifying and assessing them, to determining the results of the vote. The interface is intuitive and designed according to user experience standards, making it a convenient tool for both residents and officials.

E-services are the basis of Smart City. Remote communication with the office means not only greater security, especially during the current pandemic, but also the possibility of faster and more convenient handling of many issues, such as submitting applications under the civic budget or voting for selected projects - says Artur Siodmiak, Commercial Director, Asseco Data Systems. With this in mind, we are developing a Resident's Portal Miasto365, that is, a platform for communication between the city and its residents, providing access to a number of electronic services and profiled information - he added.

The Zabrze City Hall uses the system in the subscription model. It is made available by the provider using cloud computing (Software as a Service). This means that the city does not need to invest in infrastructure or a team of IT specialists responsible for maintaining the system. Such a solution is not only cost-effective, but also increases the level of cyber security, because the proven provider with many years of experience is responsible for it. The City Hall can instead focus on its core activities, including improving the quality of life of its residents.

We are aware of the fact that residents not only want to use the city infrastructure, but also have a real impact on the directions of its development. That is why, the civic budget, 8th edition of which has ended in Zabrze, is such an important initiative - said Eugeniusz Mizerski, Chief Specialist for Civic Budget, Zabrze City Hall. Thanks to cooperation with Asseco, the citizens may submit their applications not only in a paper form, but also electronically through the office website. Voting itself can also be carried out online. This solution facilitates casting votes and increases the involvement of residents, who can remotely express their support for the selected project - he added.

The Zabrze City Hall will use the Asseco solution also in next year's edition of the civic budget.Learn more about remote communication with residents on Miasto365