Asseco has launched a cybersecurity agency in Togo

July 1, 2021

Asseco has launched a cybersecurity agency in Togo

Asseco Data Systems has completed the implementation of a national cybersecurity centre in Togo. On June 29th, a delegation from Togo's Ministry of Digital Economy and Digital Transformation, led by Minister Cina Lawson, visited Asseco's headquarters, where a ceremonial signing of the acceptance protocol and presentation of the company's service portfolio also took place.

Under the collaboration, an organisation was set up in Togo that combines the function of a Security Operations Centre (SOC) responsible for the security of the country's critical infrastructure with a Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) that monitors the threat from cybercrime around the clock and provides citizens, organisations, and businesses with the confidence to use digital solutions. The agency also offers a range of services for businesses in the area of information security, including audits and support in countering cybercrime. Thus, the joint venture has enabled Togo to become a leading cybersecurity centre in the region. Asseco Data Systems was responsible for creating a comprehensive strategy for the organisation, providing the necessary ICT infrastructure, defining processes and training local staff. The remuneration to Asseco Data Systems for this project exceeded EUR 10 million.The implementation of SOC and CERT in Togo started at the beginning of 2020 and despite the Covid-19 pandemic, already in the autumn the first customer used the services of the Security Operations Centre. In January 2021, the Computer Emergency Response Team was launched, along with the website for rapid reporting of cybersecurity incidents. The entire project was fully implemented at the end of June 2021.

"The launch of the Togolese national cybersecurity centre is fully in line with the "Togo Digital 2025 roadmap of our partner. Cybersecurity is an important part of the modernisation and digitalisation of the country's administration and economy to improve the efficiency of public operations and the productivity of private entities. The launch of a cybersecurity agency equipped with a world-class infrastructure makes Togo a local leader in digitalisation. We hope that the success of this project will contribute to further deployments in Togo and West Africa" - said Paweł Hansdorfer, Director of International business, Asseco Data Systems.

As part of the strategic partnership cooperation between Asseco and the Togolese Republic, a joint venture was established using the public-private partnership model. The main mission of the launched cybersecurity agency is to protect Togolese critical infrastructure - companies, administration and citizens.The Asseco Group has been present in Africa since 2013, implementing IT projects primarily in the areas of banking, energy and security. It operates, among others, in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde. The success of the project implemented in Togo in the public-private partnership model is the subject of Asseco's talks with other African countries.