Asseco Poland creates Asseco Cloud and develops cloud services

October 21, 2021

Asseco Poland creates Asseco Cloud and develops cloud services

Asseco Poland has established a new company, Asseco Cloud, to support its clients in the design, implementation and operation of cloud solutions. The company was established by combining several organizational units operating within the Asseco Group. It carries out implementations based on its proprietary solutions and those of leading cloud providers, and offers full support from design to implementation as well as expertise. The strategic objective of the new entity is also to enhance the security of provided IT solutions.

Asseco Cloud is focused on the Asseco Group's strategic resources and competencies in the area of cloud computing. It uses its own resources, data centers and IT infrastructure in order to provide customers with optimum cloud services.

We are at a moment of unprecedented digital acceleration. Asseco Cloud is our response to the huge demand of the economy for cloud services. Up until now, we have provided cloud computing services primarily through Asseco Data Systems. Now, we are focusing our experience and competence in a new, specialized entity. We want to be a professional advisor to our clients in designing the optimum cloud architecture, and then deliver, implement and operate the best solution. In the first step, we focus on the Polish market, but we are already thinking about the European Asseco Cloud - says Andrzej Dopierała, President of Asseco Data Systems, Vice-President of Asseco Poland

The value of the global cloud market will grow to USD 937 billion by 2027. The share of global IT spending on cloud computing will also increase. Already today, companies are allocating _ of their IT investments to the cloud. Public cloud spending will grow to about USD 304.9 billion, or at a rate of 18%.

We see great customer demand for cloud services in a hybrid model. Thanks to the potential of our own data centers, IT infrastructure and high level of expertise, we want to provide our customers with the best cloud solutions. Our offer includes services based on private cloud, preferred by clients from the public or regulated sectors, as well as multi-cloud solutions based on the public cloud of global providers, says Lech Szczuka, President of Asseco Cloud.

Asseco Cloud commenced operations on September 1, this year.

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