Asseco's qualified electronic signature for Santander Bank Polska's customers

May 31, 2022

Podpis elektroniczny ADS

Santander Bank Polska's customers, who have Santander Internet, may use a qualified electronic signature from Asseco, issued upon confirmation of identity with the eID service. The customer will be able to use the qualified electronic signature throughout the European Union.

The Bank has enabled customers with Santander Internet to use the eID service, which allows them to confirm their identity remotely, e.g. in the process of obtaining a qualified electronic signature. The electronic signature facilitates many business processes and the exchange of documents in the ongoing operations of customers. The implemented solution will also have a positive impact on the improvement of processes within the bank.

At Santander Bank Polska, we put the customers and their needs first. Enabling our clients to obtain a qualified signature from Asseco, based on eID, is another step in the digitization of our processes and emphasizes our openness to clients' needs. A qualified electronic signature is legally equivalent to a signature by hand; therefore, customers who decide to use this solution will be able to use it not only for banking matters, but also in their daily operations. The eID service will be available both to company representatives and retail clients - said Tomasz Niewiedział, Tribe Leader Client Data Platform at Santander Bank Polska.

Digitization of processes allows to accelerate operations and increase productivity. Market examples show that the use of an electronic signature may significantly reduce the time needed to sign contracts. Developed by Asseco Data Systems, the SimplySign mobile electronic signature is the first such solution offered in the Polish market that operates without the need for a physical card and reader. It can be used anywhere - at any time and from any place. This solution ensures secure document signing and management as well as full mobility.

The project of using the eID service offered by Santander Bank Polska is another stage of implementing modern digital services. The solution enables remote acquisition of a qualified electronic signature certificate for more than 3 million Santander Internet users. As a result, the bank�s clients will be able to carry out business processes without leaving home - says Artur Mi�kina, Key Projects Sales Director, Asseco Data Systems.

A qualified signature can be purchased at