The new IT system for Sieradz from Asseco allows to handle official matters without leaving home

May 13, 2022

New IT system for Sieradz

Asseco has implemented the Integrated Information System for bookkeeping at the Municipal Office in Sieradz. The new system has streamlined the city's management and enabled the development of a web-based portal of city services for inhabitants and local entrepreneurs. Through the portal, it is possible to handle official matters, submit applications and declarations, and electronically settle the liabilities towards the city.

The integrated ERP-class information system consists of finance-accounting and tax modules, enabling the management of all charges and settlements. The implemented System also includes City365 (Miasto 365) - an electronic communication platform, thanks to which residents have access to a range of e-services and profiled information on payments and settlements.

Owing to the implementation of the Integrated Information System by Asseco, we have gained a modern tool supporting effective management of the city. The City365 digital platform has a positive impact on integration of our local community. It enables our citizens and entrepreneurs to handle official matters, submit applications and declarations, as well as pay taxes and other charges online, more easily and without leaving home - says Paweł Osiewała, Mayor of Sieradz.

The City365 platform is a modular solution, thanks to which its constant development is possible, adjusting the available services to the current needs of the city and allowing to meet new needs of the inhabitants.

The most important objective of the Integrated Information System for Bookkeeping project was to implement a uniform system to support the management of municipal data. Data previously dispersed in various domain systems was migrated to a new, centralized system. This has made it possible to create the City365 web portal - a modern digital platform ofe-services for local administration - says Daniel Lala, Vice President of Asseco Data Systems.