Comprehensive Kindergarten Recruitment System

Comprehensive Kindergarten Recruitment System

It is used to conduct recruitment for educational facilities. The tool supports the process of electronic recruitment of candidates for kindergartens and kindergarten departments in primary schools. The system consists of two cooperating applications: an internal one, aimed at users from educational establishments and the leading authority, and a public one, aimed at parents.

The platform allows the following recruitment models to be implemented:

  • to the kindergarten,
  • to the recruitment groups by age.

The solution is configured according to customer expectations in the areas of:

  • definition of criteria, number of points,
  • creating a schedule and timetable,
  • system messages,
  • additional fields of the offer created by individual facilities,
  • editable elements of forms and prints,
  • rules for the recruitment of children continuing preschool education,
  • rules for the recruitment of children with special educational needs,
  • rules for the recruitment of children from outside the municipality,
  • the scope of information posted in the public part of the system.

Improve recruitment of children to kindergartens and preschool departmentsin primary schools

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With our recruitment platform, you can conduct the recruitment process completely electronically. You create a flexible offer tailored to the needs of kindergartens and transparent rules for the recruitment process in one place. The system also provides support for the recruitment of children with special needs and automatic qualification based on points.

The tool allows the elimination of 'the blocking of places' in many kindergartens and automatically indicate a place for non-admitted children. It makes it possible to publish up-to-date information about free places and send messages to parents about recruitment results. It is also possible to sign applications with the Trusted Profile, thanks to integration with It guarantees a high level of security of collected data.

Learn about the key functionalities of the kindergarten recruitment platform


Features for parents

  • Presentation of rules and deadlines for recruitment and online offers in one place.
  • Electronic registration of the application and continuation.
  • Adding the required attachments and signing them with the Trusted Profile.
  • Access to the data entered in the system at each stage of recruitment.
  • Electronic confirmation of willingness to attend an assigned facility.

Features for local governments

  • Verification of facility offers and control of the limit of spots.
  • Advanced tools that prepare several versions of seat allocation simulations.
  • Indicating a place, including automatically, for children not qualified for any facility.
  • Generating letters to parents with information about the assignment of a child to a facility.
  • Access to reports and summaries presenting the recruitment process in its entirety.
  • Communication with facilities and residents via a system communicator.
  • Adding informational content for parents on the public website.


Features for kindergartens

  • Preparation and publication of a recruitment offer.
  • Validation of continuations registered on the public site or import from a file.
  • Accepting applications or returning incorrect ones to be corrected.
  • Qualification of children directed to integrated classes.
  • Verifying candidates with the same number of points.
  • Presenting results in printouts that comply with educational legislation.
  • Accessing reports and summaries containing recruitment data.
  • Entering decisions regarding children on appeal.
  • Exporting data to other current work systems in the form of an SOU file.

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Learn about the key functionalities of the kindergarten recruitment platform

  1. Creation of educational offers by employees of educational facilities.
  2. Registration of continuation by parent or facility.
  3. Electronic registration of applications by parents.
  4. Verification of applications by the first preference facility.
  5. Conducting multiple simulations of automatic recruitment.
  6. Automatic allocation of candidates to kindergartens.
  7. Confirmation of the will to enroll a child by a parent or a kindergarten employee.
  8. Publication of the list of children accepted and not accepted to kindergartens.
  9. Conducting an appeal procedure for candidates admitted to the facility.
  10. Indication of places in kindergarten with vacancies to candidates not assigned anywhere.
  11. Conducting supplementary recruitment for free spots.

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