Comprehensive Nursery Recruitment System

Comprehensive Nursery Recruitment System

A tool designed for electronic recruitment of children to nurseries. It facilitates work at each stage of recruitment. The system is configured according to individual customer needs. It allows you to define the dates and rules of recruitment specific to the office.

The software provides a high level of data and process security. The mechanism of granting permissions makes it possible to control access to particular modules and functionalities. The nursery recruitment platform is built from two cooperating internal parts aimed at nurseries and the supervisory authority, and a public part addressed to parents.

The system is configured according to customer expectations in the following areas:

  • definition of criteria, number of points,
  • schedule,
  • system messages,
  • additional fields of the offer created by individual facilities,
  • editable elements of forms and prints,
  • To determine the validity period for submitted recruitment applications,
  • defining notifications sent to parents by e-mail about the approaching end of the application period,
  • rules for the recruitment of children with special educational needs,
  • the scope of information posted in the public part of the system.

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With our nursery recruitment platform, you gain the ability to conductrecruitment process completely electronically. The system allows you to prepare a flexible offer tailored to the needs of nurseries and publish clear rules in one place. Provides support for recruitment of children with special needs. Makes automatic qualification on the basis of points.

The tool makes it possible to publish information about vacant places and send messages to parents about recruitment results.Eliminates the phenomenon of "blocking places" in many nurseries. Allows the application to be signed with a Trusted Profile, thanks to integration with Ensures a high level of security of collected data.

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Features for local governments

  • Verification of facility offers and control of the limit of spots.
  • Prepare several versions of simulations of the allocation of nursery places.
  • Access to reports and summaries presenting data from the entire recruitment process.
  • Communication with facilities and residents via a system communicator.
  • Adding informational content for parents on the public website.

Features for parents

  • Presentation of rules and deadlines for nursery recruitment and online offerings in one place.
  • Electronic registration of the application and continuation.
  • Adding the required attachments and signing them with the Trusted Profile.
  • Access to the entered data at any stage of recruitment.
  • Electronic renewal of enrollment application.

Functions for nurseries

  • Prepare and make public the recruitment offer of nurseries.
  • Approval of continuations registered on the public site.
  • Accept applications or return an incorrectly completed application for correction.
  • Verifying candidates with the same number of points.
  • Presentation of recruitment results in the form of ready-made printouts.
  • Conducting recruitment for nurseries on a continuous basis throughout the year.
  • Registering applicants in order of application and preferred nurseries.
  • Keeping current records of children admitted to nurseries.
  • Controlling the number of children realistically attending nurseries.

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Stages of online nursery recruitment

See how the Asseco system supports the recruitment of candidates for nurseries.

  1. Preparation of recruitment offers by nurseries.
  2. Registration or approval of continuation of stay in the nursery.
  3. Electronic registration of applications by parents.
  4. Verification of applications and approval by the first-choice nursery.
  5. Conducting multiple simulations of nursery recruitment.
  6. Automatic assignment of children to a facility.
  7. Publication of the list of qualified and unqualified.
  8. Confirmation of willingness to enroll by a nursery employee.
  9. Publish the list of accepted and unaccepted persons in the public panel.
  10. Conducting supplementary recruitment for free spots.
  11. Conduct continuous recruitment for vacant seats.

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