Comprehensive Recruitment System for Secondary Schools

Secure electronic recruitment to secondary school

Asseco's comprehensive secondary school recruitment system supports the recruitment of candidates to educational facilities. It is configured according to the needs of the local government and the established recruitment rules and deadlines.

The tool automatically calculates a candidate's points on the basis of the entered grades, eighth-grade exam scores and their achievements. The tool guarantees clear and transparent rules for the recruitment process. It provides full security of collected and transmitted information, which is encrypted. A flexible mechanism for assigning permissions allows you to control access to individual modules and functionality.

The system is built with two complementary parts: an internal one, aimed at users from schools and the governing body, and a public one, aimed at candidates and parents.

The solution supports all types of secondary schools, i.e.:

  • four-year high school,
  • five-year technical high school,
  • three-year level 1 vocational school,
  • two-year level 2 vocational school.

Joint electronic recruitment for secondary schools for theentire local government

Choose to cooperate with a reliable software provider Asseco – the Digitisation Leader in Poland.

Asseco has many years of experience in implementing software for Local Government Units (LGUs). We carry out implementations of a common recruitment platform for all local governments in a given province, while maintaining autonomy. We also carry out joint implementations with non-public units.

Electronic recruitment for secondary schools provides local governments with many advantages, including:

  • facilitates the creation of educational offers in schools,
  • eliminates the blocking of spots in many facilities,
  • increases the number of accepted candidates,
  • minimises supplemental recruitment.

Secure electronic recruitment to secondary school

Find out why you should choose recruitment software from Asseco.

With our secondary school recruitment platform, you will conduct the recruitment process completely electronically. The system allows you to create a flexible offer tailored to the needs of secondary schools. It allows you to publish transparent rules for the recruitment process in one place. It also supports the recruitment of children with special needs.

The solution also performs automatic qualification based on the points awarded. It eliminates 'spot blocking' in many schools. Allows publication of up-to-date information on vacant seats and sending messages to parents about recruitment results. Allows the application to be signed with the Trusted Profile, thanks to integration with Ensures a high level of security of collected data.

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Features for local governments

  • Verification of secondary school offers and control of the limit of spots.
  • Preparing several versions of simulations of the allocation of school spots.
  • Access to reports and summaries presenting data from the entire recruitment process.
  • Communication with facilities and residents via a system communicator.
  • Adding informational content for parents and candidates on the public website.

Features for parents

  • Presentation of school recruitment rules and deadlines and online offers in one place.
  • Electronic registration of the application and continuation.
  • Adding the required attachments and signing them with the Trusted Profile.
  • Access to the entered data at any stage of recruitment.
  • Electronic confirmation of candidate's willingness to attend the selected secondary school.

Functionalities for secondary schools

  • Preparation and publication of a recruitment offer.
  • Approve applications or return incorrect ones for correction.
  • Additional recruitment for sports classes, bilingual classes, sports championship, international and other classes.
  • Qualification of children directed to integrated classes.
  • Verifying candidates with the same number of points.
  • Presentation of recruitment results in the form of ready-made printouts.
  • Access to reports and summaries presenting recruitment data.
  • Introduction of candidates on appeal.
  • Exporting the data to other systems in the form of an SOU file.

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Stages of online recruitment in secondary school recruitment

  1. Creation of educational offers by employees of educational facilities.
  2. Introducing reservations for second-year students.
  3. Electronic registration of applications in the parent's account.
  4. Conducting additional tests in schools with sports classes, bilingual classes, international or sports championship classes.
  5. Conducting verification of applications registered in the public panel.
  6. Changing the list of preferred schools and departments by a parent logged into his/her account.
  7. Entering grades, eighth-grade exam results and achievements.
  8. Performing multiple simulations of automated candidate recruitment.
  9. Automatic allocation of candidates to schools.
  10. Publication of the list of qualified and unqualified candidates.
  11. Confirmation of intent to enrol in secondary school.
  12. Publishing the list of accepted and unaccepted candidates.
  13. Implementing the appeal procedure for candidates admitted to the facility.
  14. Organising supplementary recruitment for free spots in secondary schools.

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