Recruitment to out-of-school educational facilities

Effective and secure online recruitment for extracurricular activities

Asseco's Comprehensive Recruitment System for Extracurricular Activities supports the online enrollment process for extracurricular activities. Based on the entered recruitment criteria, the tool automatically calculates points for candidates. The enrollment process proceeds according to the stages and deadlines set in the schedule. After the data collection and verification stage, the system assigns candidates to the selected extra-curricular activities. It does this on the basis of the results obtained and the preferences indicated.

The system provides full security of collected and transmitted information. Each user operates the program using an individual account. The solution is built from two complementary parts – an internal one, aimed at employees of out-of-school educational facilities, and a public one, dedicated to candidates for additional classes.

Those taking part in recruitment via the website can learn about:

  • recruitment rules and the schedule,
  • offers of activities to develop interests and talents,
  • and submit their application.

Choose the electronic enrollment for extracurricular classes

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With our out-of-school recruitment platform, you gain a tool that allows you to conduct the recruitment process completely electronically. The system allows you to create a flexible offer tailored to the individual needs of the out-of-school institution. It ensures the publication of transparent rules for the recruitment process in one place.

The solution allows you to create a single account for candidates to enroll in new and continuing classes. The account publishes information about the scheduled date for conducting aptitude tests and the number of available spots. The electronically submitted application can be signed with the Trusted Profile, thanks to integration with E-mails are sent to parents regarding the status of the application and the results of recruitment.

The tool has an ongoing work module, allowing to keep continuous records of students. Users of the platform can communicate with class participants, i.e., send them information, e.g., about canceled classes. Employees conducting classes have limited access to the system, they can only see data on their groups. The solution ensures a high level of security of the collected data.

Check out the functionalities of the Comprehensive Recruitment System for out-of-school education facilities of Asseco


Features for local governments

  • Verification of offers of out-of-school facilities and control over available spots.
  • Preparing several versions of simulations of the allocation of spots in extracurricular classes.
  • Access to reports and summaries presenting data from the recruitment process.
  • Communication with facilities and residents through the system.
  • Adding informational content for candidates on the public website.


Features for parents

  • Presentation of the offer, rules and deadlines for recruitment for extracurricular classes in one place.
  • Electronic registration of the application and continued participation in extracurricular classes.
  • Adding the required attachments and signing them with the Trusted Profile.
  • Access to the entered data at any stage of recruitment.
  • Electronic confirmation of willingness to attend a class group.

Functionalities for out-of-school educational facilities

  • Preparation of the recruitment offer of extracurricular classes.
  • Approval of continuation in each class group.
  • Accepting applications or returning incorrect ones for correction.
  • Completing the results of tests of directional talents.
  • Access to printouts that comply with education law.
  • Entering the data of children on appeal into the system.
  • Publication of a schedule for tests of directional talents.
  • Posting information on the candidate's account about the test date.
  • Limited access for tutors (visibility of their groups only).
  • E-mail notifications regarding application status and recruitment results.
  • Participant records and communication in the current work module (e.g., information about canceled classes).

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Stages of online recruitment in the recruitment to out-of-school education facilities

Asseco's Comprehensive Recruitment System for extra-curricular activities supports each stage of recruiting candidates for out-of-school facilities.

  1. Introducing the offer of extra-curricular activities by an employee of out-of-school educational facilities.
  2. Registration on the public site of the declaration of continued participation in additional activities.
  3. Electronic registration of applications with indication of selected extracurricular activities.
  4. Verification of applications by the out-of-school educational facility.
  5. Entering the results of tests of directional talents.
  6. Conducting a number of simulations of automatic recruitment to out-of-school facilities.
  7. Automatic assignment of candidates for additional activities.
  8. Publication of the list of qualified and unqualified candidates.
  9. Confirmation of willingness to enroll in an activity group by a staff member or by a parent.
  10. Publication of the list of accepted and unaccepted persons.
  11. Implementation of the appeal procedure for candidates admitted to the facility.
  12. Providing a continuously updated list of free spots for supplementary recruitment.
  13. Conducting recruitment of children for the free spot for additional activities.

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