Electronic Enrollment System for summer duty

Online registration for summer duty in kindergartens

A comprehensive summer duty recruitment system supports the enrolment of children in kindergartens and preschool departments in schools.

The tool allows you to create a wide range of summer camps and provides lists of children currently attending the kindergarten/school, allowing you to qualify children currently attending the kindergarten/school for duty in the first place. It identifies siblings based on the entered PESEL numbers. Thus, it does not allow separating siblings applying for summer duty to the same kindergarten/school.

The system consists of two parts:

  • internal, aimed at users of kindergartens, schools, the leading authority,
  • public, addressed to parents.

The system is configured according to the expectations of the facilities in the areas:

  • duty schedule,
  • admission criteria,
  • system messages,
  • additional fields of offers for facilities,
  • editable elements of forms and printouts.

Choose online registration for summer duty in kindergartens

See why you should choose software to support summer duty recruitment.

With our recruitment platform, you will conduct the enrollment process completely electronically. You will create a flexible offer tailored to the individual needs of the facility. You can implement recruitment for children with special needs, verify the lists of children currently attending a particular facility, assign siblings to the same facility, and send e-mail notifications to parents with information about qualification for summer duty.

The system allows the signing of electronically submitted applications with the Trusted Profile, thanks to integration with login.gov.pl. It also ensures a high level of security of the collected data.

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Features for parents

  • A presentation of available holiday classes in one place.
  • Fully electronic registration of the application.
  • Access to entered data at any stage of enrolment.

Features for local governments

  • Verification of facility offers, dates and control of the limit of spots.
  • Changing spot limits depending on the number of applicants for summer duty.
  • Rational planning of expenses and vacation plans of kindergarten/school educators.
  • Access to reports and summaries depicting the course of vacation duty in its entirety.
  • Communication with facilities and residents through the system.
  • Adding informational content for parents on the public website.
  • Survey for kindergartens/schools after summer duty.

Features for kindergartens/schools

  • Preparation of the offer of summer duty.
  • Ongoing verification of registered applications.
  • Qualification of children with a ruling.
  • Verification of siblings enrolled in summer duty.
  • Access the list of qualified children.
  • Generating statements with data to facilitate enrolment of children in groups.
  • Creating groups and assigning educators.
  • Entering information about fees or exemptions.

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Learn about the steps to register online for summer duty

See how the Asseco system supports the recruitment of children for summer duty.

  1. Creating a dedicated offer for summer duty.
  2. Electronic registration of applications by parents.
  3. Verification of applications by a kindergarten/school employee.
  4. Verification of the number of seats by the leading authority.
  5. Qualification of children with an evaluation in integrated schools.
  6. Automatic allocation based on accepted criteria and rules.
  7. Publication of the list of candidates qualified for summer duty.
  8. Confirmation of willingness to attend summer duty.
  9. Publication of the list of persons accepted for summer duty.
  10. Conducting recruitment for available spots.

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