Asseco has implemented a modern remote customer service system at ZWIK Grodzisk Mazowiecki

August 26, 2021

Asseco has implemented a modern remote customer service system at ZWIK Grodzisk Mazowiecki

Asseco Data Systems has completed the implementation of an electronic system at the Waterworks and Sewage System Company in Grodzisk Mazowiecki (ZWIK). The objective of the cooperation was to provide ZWIK clients and contractors with access to the widest possible range of services and public information via electronic channels. Within the framework of the project, among others, eBOK, i.e. electronic customer service office, electronic document circulation, and a billing system was implemented. Thanks to the introduction of these modern solutions, communication with recipients of services provided by ZWIK in Grodzisk Mazowiecki was improved, and current issues can be handled through online channels.

The Waterworks and Sewage System Company in Grodzisk Mazowiecki runs water and sewage management in the commune. The main objective of the Company is to provide water recipients with services of the highest quality and to protect the environment. In order to respond even more fully to the needs of its customers, the company decided to streamline the processes of communication with customers by making available e-services, which will be performed entirely electronically.

The pandemic has impacted the level of digitization of society and increased confidence in online transactions. We see this among our customers as well. In April 2020, we embarked on a massive digital transformation project for our business not knowing how much these changes would be needed during the unfolding pandemic. The implementation allowed us to streamline communication with our customers, provided efficient access to e-services and enabled us to handle many matters remotely, without the need for a personal visit. Moreover, the solution from Asseco Data Systems has also reorganized and streamlined internal processes within ZWIK - emphasizes Piotr Okoń, Head of Customer Service Department, Water and Sewage Company in Grodzisk Mazowiecki.

The completed, complex implementation included the introduction of an electronic customer service office, the possibility of confirming a natural person's identity using electronic identification means made available by Identity Providers, i.e. Trusted Profiles or banks; moreover, it was possible to affix a trusted or qualified signature to electronic documents. The solution has been complemented with an internal system of electronic information flow in the enterprise, which includes both electronic documents and those received in paper owing to this, the implemented system supports digitization.

As part of the project carried out for the Waterworks and Sewage System Company in Grodzisk Mazowiecki new solutions were implemented which significantly raise the level of customer service and the functioning of the company. A wide substantive scope of the project was a challenge for us and an opportunity to deepen the competence of the team. It is worth emphasizing that for the first time we developed and delivered solutions optimizing the internal budget control for purchasing processes. All documents covered by these processes are now handled in an electronic form. They are also subject to automatic control of compliance with the adopted financial programs and concluded agreements, both at the stage of planning expenditures and their settlement. All the activities were conducted during the ongoing pandemic, which affected the remote manner of implementation. However, thanks to the commitment of all parties, we managed to successfully complete such a complex project, emphasizes Kamil Zajkowski, Sales Director, Municipal Solutions Division, Asseco Data Systems.

The implementation of the eBOK module allowed for the improvement of communication with recipients of services provided by the company. The Internet platform has been integrated with the public service Domestic Node in the scope of confirmation of identity by means of electronic integration, as well as ePUAP in the scope of obtaining a trusted signature under an electronic document. The Customers can also use e-Payments for paying for service invoices. The system also enables them to access basic information such as a list of invoices and the history of readings on water meters.