Asseco has implemented digital signature on tablets in Plus points of sale

September 30, 2021

DIgital signature in plus

Plus customers may sign contracts on tablets at points of sale using a handwritten digital signature. This modern, convenient and environmentally friendly solution has been provided by Asseco. This is yet another stage of the digital transformation of the Polsat Plus Group that offers its customers access to state-of-the-art electronic services. The electronic signature launched in all points of sale of Plus will save customers' time and simplify the process of concluding contracts. Moreover, it will reduce, and in the long term eliminate, the use of paper in Plus.

The handwritten digital signature implemented at Plus is based on the SignaturiX solution supplied by Asseco, created by Monolit IT and currently under development by Xtension. It is connected to Asseco's qualified trust services, which guarantee the security of the service. The tablets needed for the signature service were provided by Samsung, on which the solutions of the KNOX cybersecurity platform are installed. This project is an example of implementation of the "paperless" strategy that has been successfully developed together for several years. The solution integrates with the existing processes of the Polsat Plus Group, which required designing and implementing changes in many sales and customer service systems. It is based on a combination of secure technologies delivered by individual project partners.

The implementation of an electronic signature is another stage of the digital transformation of the Polsat Plus Group, in which we are supported by Asseco, our technology partner. As a result, Plus customers can benefit from solutions using state-of-the-art technologies that support environmental protection by eliminating paper consumption. For customers, the electronic signature means primarily time savings, speed and convenience. From now on contracts will be signed on tablets using a stylus and will be sent to customers' e-mail boxes - says Katarzyna Wróbel-Frątczak, Deputy Director of Sales and Base Management for Sales Development and Maintenance of the Polsat Plus Group.

From the perspective of data security and document circulation, the solution meets all legal requirements and is compliant with the EU eIDAS regulation. Customers gain access to documents in electronic form, while maintaining the highest security standards.

An important feature and characteristic of this solution is that, as far as securing authenticity and integrity of a digital signature is concerned, it will be based on a qualified electronic seal and qualified electronic time stamp, both supplied by Asseco. Therefore, an electronic document generated and sent to the client's e-mail address will constitute strong and independent legal proof - says Artur Miękina from Asseco Data Systems.

The service is available in all Polsat Plus Group Stores and Points of Sale.