Asseco has implemented the Electronic Storage Medium at the Cooperative Bank in Lubaczów

June 21, 2021

Asseco has implemented the Electronic Storage Medium at the Cooperative Bank in Lubaczów

Asseco has digitized the process of mass mailing at the Cooperative Bank in Lubaczów. The implemented solution meets the requirement of using a durable medium that applies to financial institutions. Thanks to this solution, the bank can now provide its clients with information documents, such as updates to the Credit Regulations or a Tariff of Fees and Commissions, in an electronic form. The system is compatible with the Common IT Platform (WPI).

The bank's objective was to digitize the process of sending documents to its clients while preserving the requirement of using a durable medium that secures them and ensures that no modifications are made to them. Their integrity is guaranteed by Asseco Data Systems, which has the status of a Trusted Third Party.As part of the cooperation, Asseco Data Systems provides a comprehensive service of electronic documents addressed to the bank's clients. At Lubaczów, the company has implemented the storage of documents bearing an electronic qualified stamp in an archive external to the bank. Moreover, the documents published by the bank are stored on the provider's servers, which means that once they are published, a financial institution cannot introduce any changes to them. In addition, a portal dedicated to making documents available in the service of electronic durable medium has been launched.

Our task was to provide a solution that meets the requirements of a durable medium, which, at the same time, will be cost- and operationally optimal and will take into account the individual needs of the bank - said Piotr Mazur, Director of Mass Communication Division, Asseco Data Systems. In addition, the Cooperative Bank in Lubaczów is one of the first institutions to use the Common IT Platform (WPI) - a comprehensive solution by Asseco, offered in the SaaS model, which, owing to standardization of processes and commonality of services, can be used by many banks. Therefore, it was important for us that the system implemented as part of the Electronic Banking Platform service was integrated with WPI and handled transaction documents generated using this platform, he added.

Digitization of the mass communication process has enabled its automation and reduced the volume of paper correspondence sent by 80 percent. This has translated into a reduction in the bank's operating costs, an increase in the quality of customer service and an increase in the level of e-safety.

We were looking for a solution that, on the one hand, would ensure secure handling of e-documents and, on the other, would meet the requirements of a durable medium. That is why we have chosen a trusted partner and service provider - Asseco Data Systems. The implementation of the Electronic Storage Medium will first of all bring tangible benefits to us, as it will allow us to reduce costs related to the handling of paper documents, but also create a new standard of communication with our customers, said Paweł Kapel, President of the Management Board of the Cooperative Bank in Lubaczów.