EFL Group and Asseco create digital solutions for SMEs

September 9, 2021


With the support of Asseco Data Systems, Europejski Fundusz Leasingowy (EFL) introduces a comprehensive solution for remote processing of formalities through a modern platform of trust services. This will enable the EFL Group clients and employees to sign contracts and documents using a qualified electronic signature. It will also allow for securing electronic correspondence or confirming the authenticity of documents.The e-signature will simplify processes, as well as enable their remote execution.

Europejski Fundusz Leasingowy (EFL) is one of the first leasing companies in Poland. The company's strategy is to strive to create the best solutions for customers, especially digital and mobile ones. Therefore, the company has decided to implement a variety of trust services, such as an electronic signature or a qualified electronic seal. The aim of the project is, among others, to create a remote process of signing a lease agreement according to the paperless idea, EU eIDAS regulations and the highest user experience standards.

"We are convinced that the trust services introduced in EFL will facilitate and shorten the processes related to servicing our business partners and clients. We want to invite all employees to use the new solutions. They will undergo training and receive certificates of qualified electronic signatures. Thanks to that we will optimize internal processes related to signing and circulation of documents. Our clients, in turn, will be able to transfer a significant area of their business activities to the online sphere.� This helps them save both time and money. In addition, we believe that our cooperation with Asseco will allow us to benefit from their expertise, both in terms of technology and business solutions" - says Krzysztof Polcyn, Head of Innovation Department, EFL.

The ongoing pandemic has changed the perception of trust services. The ability to get things done remotely has proven invaluable during times of social isolation. Public confidence in digitization has increased, which is why many companies are ready to apply such services in their daily business. As shown by the results of a survey published in the EFL report "Digital Revolution on the Leasing Market. A closer look", one out of five entrepreneurs already uses the e-signature.

"Together with EFL Group we are creating a platform of trust services, which includes an electronic signature, and in terms of securing the authenticity and integrity it will be based on a qualified electronic seal. Thanks to this, each signed contract or other document will be a strong legal proof and will affect the quality and speed of customer service. 66% of companies need a maximum of 3 years to switch from paper to electronic documentation (EFL report) and most of them aim to achieve this goal within the next three years. This shows the awareness and readiness of enterprises for digitization. However, for this process to be successful and secure, it is worth using solutions that provide assurance of success" - adds Artur Miękina, Key Projects Sales Director, Asseco Data Systems.

EFL Group has already implemented the first elements of the solution and is preparing further projects. The parties did not specify the end date of the cooperation, taking into account the development of technology and joint creation of new services.