Żabka's franchisees submitted over 60,000 e-signatures via Asseco platform

September 17, 2020

The chain has implemented a solution enabling the creation of a qualified electronic signature and the use of other trust services in cooperation with Asseco Data Systems, Żabka is the first company in the Polish trade to use a qualified electronic signature on a mass scale. The chain has implemented an integrated Asseco platform for remote signing of documents between Żabka's headquarters and franchisees. Thanks to the possibility of making qualified electronic signatures, deliveries are faster and more convenient for franchisees, among other benefits. The number of paper documents will be practically reduced to zero, making their archiving much easier and saving tons of paper.The remote signing of documents between Żabka's headquarters and more than 4,900 franchisees is possible thanks to an integrated platform launched by the chain together with Asseco Data Systems. The solution enables the creation of a qualified electronic signature and the use of other trust services - the signature on an electronic document is equivalent to a handwritten signature. Through the platform, franchisees can sign documents remotely, with the use of the tools provided for in the European eIDAS regulation.

Innovation is a key element in the development of our chain: as much as 10% of the entire organization is involved in the digitization process. The introduction of e-signature on such a large scale is undoubtedly an important step towards the complete reduction of paper documentation. It allows to increase the security of document circulation, improves the internal circulation of documents - said Tomasz Blicharski, Vice President of Żabka Polska. - Apart from legal security and the convenience of using the electronic signature - we can effectively sign the document anywhere - during the pandemic we appreciated the fact that despite the circumstances we were able to continue the development of the chain. This was possible thanks to the digitization of documents and the electronic signature, which can be submitted by our franchisees. It happens much faster, now we need even 75% less time to sign the same documents with the highest security and confidentiality standards - added Tomasz Blicharski.

Franchisees can use the platform via any mobile device with Internet access. Since January this year, over 60,000 e-signatures have already been submitted in this way, including on contracts and annexes to contracts with franchisees. Qualified electronic signatures are also used by selected departments in the company.

The mobility of making legally binding electronic signatures is ensured by the SimplySign cloud technology integrated with the Asseco platform. Taking into account the number of users and various specifics of the processes handled by the implemented solution, it can be seen that the e-signature is a technological tool of unlimited use, improving all business sectors - said Artur Miękina, Key Projects Sales Director at Asseco Data Systems.

The Asseco's e-signature platform has been adapted to Żabka's internal systems and additionally connected with the qualified WebNotarius validation service. The implementation work involved a team of over a dozen Asseco Data Systems experts and many employees of Żabka, primarily from the legal and IT departments, as well as franchisees who developed the best technology for the chain.The digital transformation of Żabka means not only the possibility to develop advanced data analysis and implement new technological solutions. The implementation of paperless fits into the social responsibility of Żabka, which, thanks to the technologies, works to save energy, reduce carbon footprint, taking even better care of the environment. Thanks to the electronic document circulation in the area of logistics alone, Żabka will save about 15 million sheets of paper annually. Żabka, which is a convenience chain, faces a number of logistical challenges on a daily basis, related to, among others, a large number of small stores, many of which are characterized by small facilities, location of facilities in city centers or the tonnage limitations of small delivery vans. These, in turn, result in the need for frequent, but also the shortest possible deliveries to franchisees, so that they do not interfere with the functioning of the stores. Żabka Polska's logistics currently consists of 5 logistic centers and 21 reloading terminals, as well as 600 drivers who travel about 30 million kilometers a year. Among other things, the implementation of the electronic signature will significantly contribute to the simplification and shortening of logistics processes related to deliveries - to nearly 6,500 chain locations - in which many parties are involved, including franchisees, warehouse and logistics center administration employees and delivery truck drivers. It will also minimize possible errors during deliveries and reduce the process of document archiving. What is important, it will also contribute to the gradual reduction of the number of documents printed in the processes of logistics of deliveries to the stores to the necessary minimum. The digitization of documents and the receipt of goods with the use of a scanner is a significant step forward from the point of view of franchisees, as the process of the receipt of goods will be even faster and more efficient.

Asseco Data Systems is one of the largest IT companies in Poland. It provides products and services based on proprietary and third-party software, as well as ICT infrastructure solutions. The company's operations are focused on providing services to enterprises and local administration institutions. Asseco Data Systems belongs to the Asseco Group, which is the IT sector's leader in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. The Group operates in nearly 60 countries worldwide and employs about 27,000 people. For more information about the company, please see www.assecods.pl.

Żabka Polska Sp. z o.o. is the owner of the largest chain of convenience stores in Poland with nearly 6,500 stores operated by over 4,900 franchisees under the Żabka brand. During twenty years of activity on the Polish market, the Company has gained the position of the leader in the convenience sales segment. Our stores are visited daily by nearly 2 million customers, and 12 million consumers live no further than 300 meters from the nearest Żabka. Over 5,400 stores already operate in a new format, enriched with a wide range of additional services. We develop our business responsibly. The pillars of the Company's CSR include: care for the natural environment, responsible food sales, personal development and education, support for local communities, as well as health care and active lifestyle. For more information about Żabka stores, please see: www.zabka.pl.

For more information about the Żabka Polska company, please see: www.zabka.pl.