Document workflow, information and process support Koliber

Supporting the management of electronic document and information workflow, and decision-making.

Koliber – electronic document and information workflow, and process support

Support in every area of your organisation's operations

Koliber is a system for the electronic circulation of documents and information in an organisation. It is a comprehensive tool supporting the organisation of processes in the areas of finance and controlling, electronic document workflow, human resources and administration, among other things.

Koliber provides information flow tailored to the organisation's requirements, as well as full review and approval paths for documents. Thanks to its integration with the organisation's management systems and government records, it extends the capabilities of domain systems such as Finance and Accounting or HR and Payroll. It eliminates the need to repeatedly enter the same information into different systems. It enables remote work, thanks to web browser login from any device with Internet access. In conjunction with a qualified signature in the cloud, it allows you to fully implement the idea of a paperless office.

Modular design of the Koliber system

The Koliber system consists of 3 functional areas:


The core

the core (base) functionality, i.e., a set of tools covering all the common processes and functionalities that make up the organisation's document and information workflow system.


Predefined processes and forms

that is, functional modules that have been built using the tools of the core functionality. They ensure full implementation of dedicated processes in accordance with the organisation's procedures.


Integration layer

providing data exchange with the organisation's management systems and state records.

Functional modules

Koliber offers functional modules in three main areas of the organisation's operations, i.e.: electronic workflow of documents, finance and controlling, HR and administration. The choice of modules is optional and depends on the needs of your organisation, and the workflow defined within the module can be customised independently.


Electronic document workflow:

  • Electronic documents
  • Formal and legal documents
  • Audits and internal controls
  • Digital registers
  • Archives

Finance and Controlling:

  • Invoices
  • Demands
  • Budgets 
  • Project folders
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Debt recovery 

HR and administration:

  • HR applications
  • Absences
  • Delegations
  • Car fleet
  • Asset management
  • Inventory

Comprehensive toolkit

Koliber allows you to define the processes and functionalities that make up document and information workflow in a company. This is made possible by a comprehensive set of tools that allows the user, without programming knowledge, to design and implement a dedicated process for the workflow of specific types of documents or information (low-code platform). The basic functionality includes tools and functionalities:

  • Definition and management of processes (workflow engine),
  • OCR intelligent data recognition system,
  • Zestaw narzędzi do budowy formularzy procesów (Power Tools), 
  • A set of tools for building process forms (Power Tools),
  • Support for cloud-based qualified signatures and corporate seals,
  • User (employee) portal,
  • Administration portal.

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Streamlined work

  • Submit and process all applications electronically.
  • Reporting purchasing needs and overseeing their implementation.
  • Registration of absences, vacations and management of replacements.
  • Accounting, checking and approval of employee delegations.
  • Creating documents based on templates, e.g., contracts.
  • Signing e-documents with qualified signatures.
  • Registration of absences, vacations and management of replacements.
  • Keeping records and accounting for company cars
  • Group work on preparing documents.
  • Keeping records and accounting for company cars.

Finances controlling

  • Electronic description, account assignment and acceptance of cost invoices.
  • Budget planning and day-to-day control.
  • Monitoring of payments and outstanding receivables.
  • Control of project implementation using project portfolios.
  • Registration and approval of settlements between departments.
  • Verification of costs according to the established budget.

Process monitoring

  • Conducting internal audits and gathering e-documentation.
  • Creating new and using advanced reports and analyses.
  • Notifying supervisors of failure to complete tasks on time.
  • Automatic notification of the effective date of documents.
  • Maintaining records, verification and approval of authorisations.
  • Controlling employee access to IT network resources.
  • Maintaining records, verification and approval of authorisations.

Integration with systems

Koliber is open to integration with external public systems, government systems and ERP applications within the organisation. Integration interfaces include, among other things:


Systemy dziedzinowe, ERP:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Human Resources and Payroll
  • Asset management
  • Project management
  • CRM

Other systems within the organisation:

  • Identity providers – qualified electronic signature or company seal
  • Data warehouses / BI

External systems:

  • State systems, e.g. KRS, CEIDG, REGON, Podatnik, VIES, ePUAP, Poczta Polska
  • Courier companies
  • Office 365

Digitisation of business and organisational areas, thanks to the Koliber system

Enjoy the quality, reliability and security guaranteed by Asseco - Leader of Digitization in Poland. Act automatically, flexibly and respond quickly to changes in your company's processes. Check out what you gain by choosing our Koliber electronic document workflow system.


Only select the modules
you currently need.


Gain full control over processes, which reduces costs.


Reduce paper consumption and take care of the environment.


Grant access only to authorised users or groups.


Improve communication and handling of cases and processes.


Speed up the flow of information and documents between branches.


Sign documents electronically and save time for other duties.


Give up storing binders and keep an e-archive.

Get support from
a proven supplier

Implement the Koliber with us – a system for electronic document and information workflow and process management. Deciding to cooperate with Asseco, you get:

  • Comprehensive service with parameterisation, integration and development capabilities.
  • Guaranteed security and continuity of processes.
  • On-site or online training for employees.
  • Access to solutions based on the latest technologies.
  • Tailored service levels (including 24/7).
  • Nationally located service center.

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